My Epitaph

I would like this to be my epitaph and read at my funeral, please. 

I was not afraid of life or death but of only being alone, and I am not frightened to go I am not scared at all for I will finally be back home.

To my fellow Poets, we shall not ever say goodbye, for our souls will never leave as we will remember each other until the ends of all eternity. Even though the pages that we write may change or even sometimes disappear, all of the ink that we spill every day of our lives and in death, comes from the same well, as we will always share, so remember that every single drop that falls no matter where we are or when will all flow back together until we meet up yet again in the end.

Live, Love, Life, in poetry forever.

To my fans, friends, and family thank you for everything you have done for me especially all the likes and comments, your emails, text, and messages with all the words you have written for me has kept me alive by keeping a spark in my soul making my heart smile so now as you have finished my life in poetry please if tears well up let them fall it is a memory of me is it not? after all. All of the ink I have spilled awaits your breath to call me back again so when you read all of my words I will be there with you in your heart mind and soul for a poet's words are their spell to keep their soul alive and well. 

To my sons all four of them you were the light in my life of dark, the sound of beating in my heart along with the pounding of my chest, you brought life into my soul, you were the warmth when I was cold, you may not have known in my life but all of my ink came from you, for every word I ever wrote you lived on within my heart and even though you were miles away I could feel your presence next to me, I know we have had our differences and disagreed on many things, but the one thing we can agree on is we may not like one another now and again but tell me a father and son that do, so always remember that real true love does last forever so forever I will love you, I know that I am not there in person as in life but I will see you soon, when it is your turn to fly to heaven I will be waiting with open arms and the last thing I need to say is Michael Bryan and Dakotah you three are brothers by blood together and that will never change please reach out to Ryder your brother who shares my love as you three, he is after all my fourth son I fought a war to save him he is and will always be family. 

A poet can listen to their hearts and speak straight to their souls as we look for those that can touch both. 

Poetry is only the quiet whispering of secrets between hearts and souls. 

The last question I ask of you is... 

Will teardrops no longer fall? 
When the last of the battles do end? 
Will love cast a spell to enthrall?
When hearts and souls do ascend. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey to death


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