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Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. a nominated Texas Poet Laureate

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1. The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth

2. Broken Angel: An epic mini-tale of a 15 year old heroin addict

3. Poetry in God's Creations: A Poets Journey

4. Out of the Darkness: A Poets Journey

5. Addiction: The Sounds of Silence

6. Why?: An epic mini poetry tale on the effects of PTSD

7. Into the Light: A Poets Journey

8. Conversations with God and the Devil: Helping to heal a Broken World

9. Looking Back: A Po…

I don't want to die.

I Don't Want To DieDear God, I just need you to know that even
though I am sick I do not want to die
quite yet I still want to live for I am
not done down here loving everyone
that I can, Besides I have so much
more to give I am not ready to come
back home no not just yet for the
job that you have given me is not
over yet, please give me just a little
bit more time I still want to help a few
more souls, then when I am finished
I will use my wings and I will soar
even more, I do want to thank you
lord though for all of the time that I
have already had, when I do leave
this place I truly hope that everybody
here will always remember me with
a smile on their face and nobody
cries or is sad and I hope that I have
shared enough love while I have been
down here living my crazy life doing
the very best I could and I did
everythingthat I can to help bring
about peaceand to remove as much violence, hate, and strife and explain
why I write sopeople would
understand, God, I wantto thank you
for this gif…

The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Special Edition

4.0 out of 5 stars: Heart rendering September 1, 2014
By Daleen Viljoen
Format:Kindle EditionI was given a free copy of the book
This is not a book for the fainthearted. It is a series of poems depicting the story of a father and his struggle against drug addiction and his relationship with a baby that is not his own and the mother of the child and her dark family. The book is heart rendering and a true emotional journey. It is a must read for poetry lovers and those that enjoy real true life stories. It gives a dark look into the soul of addiction as well as the hope that can come from these terrible situations.The special edition has some fascinating art work, though my favorite part was seeing the pictures of Ryder and family in the end. It creates a relationship between the reader and the characters in the book.

It fills our hearts

It fills our hearts
There has never been a wish ever come true for me, from my fifty two years Ihave been living on this planet so blueand green, wishing on stars falling fromthe skies, or wishing down wells with my last dime, but that does not mean thatI will give up on hope, and will continuetrying to find real love before I die and that's the truth, I have lived this life thebest that I could yet it never went as smooth as I wished it would, filled withheartache, guilt sorrow, and pain, crying so much it looked like rain, there were lonely days, and lonely nights sleeping on a bed all by myself while listening to all the sad songs ever sung, singing about a love, that died away, or missing someone who had walked away, even those about missing you wishing you were here and even one about a cowboy crying alone in the rain, I have loved many woman that is true, I have loved my pets, and my children too, I have loved my parents, and a bunch of friends, sex, drugs, drinking booze and…

Peace Love and Poetry

feelings of all kinds

I know we do not know each other
and I have never met you before,
but for some damn reason you
look so very familiar, what is your
name, why you ask? I do not know yet,
maybe we passed each other on
the street somewhere or maybe
It was the store, all I know is your
beauty is so much unlike all the others
it is making me want so much more,
wait, one minute, this cannot be true
I am getting heavy feelings of all kinds
coming from way deep down inside
of me, I am pretty sure at least, yes
I believe it is coming from my soul, it
is trying to say It knows you from a
life we lived before, we were lovers
oh, sorry I mean my soul and your
soul was in love like no other has
ever been before, way back before
man was alive, I am sorry I know it
sounds insane but my whole body is 
screaming saying you are the same,
please close your eyes and tell me
what you feel because of our two souls
are together right now, making
passionate love, everywhere they can, 
you see souls do not follow the same
rules of time that we do so an …

It's okay if Peter pan

Warning adult content here... R rated
It's okay if Peter Pan is gay
Where oh where could Peter pan
be, I wanna be a lost boy from
neverland so I can finally escape
from this reality, my life down here has
turned out like shit I am a loser in
love more times then I can count
hell my hands even hate me
because ii masturbate too much
So I really hope that he brings
Tinker bell with him I think she is
kinda hot at least as far as I can tell,
maybe if I am lucky she will share
her pixie dust and let us snort a
big fat line, and get us high as fuck,
They fly around the room while she
spanks my butt, then we can do
some more we can get our freak on
and play the show and tell then we can
take our clothes off and see what
Peter's got, he might be huge you
never know or maybe he is small after
all he and Tinkerbell, they are pretty
close I kinda think and it's okay with
me then again maybe he is gay after
all he makes boys lost, taking them
away or maybe I got it all wrong and
he has noth…

Podcast number 5

On some cold winters night

On some cold Winters Night
Maybe one day on some cold winters  night in a cabin laying on blanket by the
fireplace I will create a new piece of
poetry and I will again write it all over
you. First I will start to write just how
much that I truly do love you and what
your love has done to me on the back
of your beautiful soft neck as I whisper
those same words softly into your ear
so you will never forget. Then as my
pen starts to find its own way slowly
down the middle your back those words
that have I written unto you will start to
wrap firmly around your body and end up
on the top of your beautiful naked breast
as I whisper to you and ask should I go
on? Just as you start to softly moan yes.
I will then began etching into your skin
how our love had first begun on that hot
midsummer's night on a blanket under  the stars and full moons glow, just as I
become an artist who is starting a new
painting on an empty canvas or even a
musician starting his song of love on a
blank sheet of music creat…