WantedI know I am not much to look at
nowadays and I am a little bit worn out,
I been used up and lied to so many times that it's hard
for me to trust anyone at all,  I am kinda well kinda getting old,
my heart may be missing a few dozen
pieces but that's only because it has
been broken so many times before,
but it still pumps I know because I am
still standing here and it will even pound every
now and then, with a little bit of love,
patience, and understanding I know it
will beat out a melody of love once
again, I am not looking for a  marriage no
just a walk on a beach holding hands
not really looking for a mom to take care
of me no more like a lover and a friend
so what I am looking for is someone
to whisper my name and to hold me
tight while we are making love at night
from the time the sun goes down until
she starts to revolve around us all again as
she starts making love to the moon and
stars up in the beautiful midnight skies
then when the morning comes …

Ryder Dean Dancing To Rockstar


And the moon is full again

And the moon is full again. If I ever had the chance to be
alone with you anywhere in the
world at sometime no matter
when somewhere that I can read
and write how I feel about you
and all the things I would do to
you uh um I seem to have well
to tell you the truth I am not
sure what I would do for your
absolute sheer beauty has me
frozen right here where I stand,
as you paralyze me with your
sexy eyes that feel like you can
look right through me to see
who it is that I really am while I
am feeling so completely
terrified deep down inside to my
very embarrassed soul so bad it
does not know what to do so it
hides its head in shame and my
poor heart now wants to only
skip a beat then acts real cool
for just a few minutes then it
pounds so hard through my
chest it feels as if it will bust
right out then it stops for a
second and it starts all over
again oh and I can usually talk
the talk just as smooth as ice
on a hockey puck with my lips
softly whispering those words
that make any woman …

Alone without you

Alone without youI really do try hard not to think about
you even though you seem to always
find a way into my dreams at night,
waking me up from a very restless
sleep, then as my mind begins to think
back, I start to miss you so very much,
then I grab my phone just wondering if
you might be home, so I dial your number
but never call, so I write a text instead yet
never send it, to afraid you might actually
respond or answer the phone, then I would
not know what to say, I feel so lost and
alone without you, missing my friend
losing a lover, for my life nowadays
seems as if I am missing something very
important in it like the beating of my
heart as sadness now has taken control,
causing it to slowly start falling apart as
little pieces of it are lost every day we are
apart, and the pain now has become so
unbearable I just sometimes want to cut it
out, while all of the memories of my past
play over and over like it is nothing more
then a broken record as it begins to…

True love

True loveI wonder if true love even exist
anymore do we still know what
love means or has it been replaced
with something else I am not so
Love is a feeling that is confused nowadays with one night stands
and affairs as love gets lost and
thrown away it is never really there
true love comes from in our hearts
and feeds from deep down in our
souls its not a word for one night stands but forever as you both
grow old.
Love is a feeling your supposed to
feel each and every day not just
for a quickie or for your next lay.
Love is a slow dance holding on
close together at midnight out
in the rain or running in the park
in the middle of the night together screaming, laughing, and acting
all insane.
Love is learning new things while
being together movies at midnight
being best friends and lovers.
Love is a word to be used with
special care not thrown out to
whoever maybe there, it comes
from our heart and fed by our
souls so use it wisely and with meaning for the…

The passion of a Shakespeare's play

The passion of a Shakespeare's play The very first time that they had
ever met something or someone
born of either luck or maybe even
fate had somehow in some way
ignited a spark in both of them
just a very tiny wisp of smoke with
no hint of what was to become
at that moment when the two
who never knew the other before that
day looked up to say hello to one
another when for one brief moment
barely a sand of time looked into each others
eyes at the same exact moment
causing a chain reaction in the
actions of an emotional distraction
Which opened the locked windows
to their souls who then preceded
to be naughty as both a wild streak
a mile wide without the proper
actions needed learned from rules
and the laws that had been handed
down since the beginning before
love was ever found to reinforce the
much needed rules of how and when
to fall in love, so the two souls
with no regard for procedures wanted to
feel the touch of another while
much needed love and heat of p…

Dreams of laughter

Dreams of LaughterI found this single flower all alone growing
in a field of emptiness reminding me of how
I feel right now, the beautiful color stood out
against the rest of the dried burnt leaves along
with the dying weeds, almost as if to say "that
even among all the chaos that is the world
today, the ugliness, hate, wars, rapes, dying
children in the streets and worse yet before they
are even born, homeless families, hopelessness,
it seems everywhere and more that I with all
of my beauty have rose out despair and sorrow",
it’s delicate pedals gasping for air reaching out
and up to the light, "fear not the evil of the night
for the light shall always shine through the
darkest of days slaying ye nightmares of the
demons brigade along with the armies of the
dark angels from where the fires of hell burn
turning to dreams of laughter and joy of the
innocence of newborn baby girls and boys
opening their eyes for the very first time so that we
could see the …

Live Poetry read by Richard M Knittle Jr. on 6/12/2019

My own self destruction

Sometimes the wars that we fight are fought in our hearts, minds, and souls with nobody to helps us at all. Depression, PTSD, Addiction, are just a few examples of the battles we must face on our own yet even though we must fight on our own the innocent bystanders that are around will sometimes perish or become wounded causing collateral damage...
My own self destruction
As I walk down these cold and
lonely streets all alone in a city
that never sleeps, watching
people pass me by begging
for help yet I am invisible so
it seems then I watch as
a little splash hits the ground right in front of me,
so I look up at the hazy brown
and dirty skies just to see if
it is the rain or teardrops from
my eyes and that is when I
realize that It has been so very
long since who I was has been
gone so long now that I do
not know who I
am anymore as I have even
somehow somewhere forgotten who it was that
I used to be with no idea if I had
any kind of hopes or dreams or
if there is maybe somebody out…

Singing the blues

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Singing the blues.I am so tired of crying
while inside I am dying
my heart is breaking and my
soul is the singing the blues
my mind is trying
to find the reason and
the understanding
of why it is
that I can still love
a person like you
a crises of confusion within
my heart, mind, and soul
causing chaos of emotions
that are beyond my control
which is why I am laughing
then I am crying never
knowing which way I should go
I am drowning in a pool
of emotions with some I never
even knew and now I am
lost in this bed I had made for
two, wondering why I cannot get
over you and forget all about you
so please have a little mercy
and just leave me alone
do not write me, come over, or
even use the phone, I may be
here but I am not home
I cannot get you out
of my head even after
everything that you have
done I just c…