Angels do live among us.

There are too many negative things that are going on in this world right now unprecdented moments in our history especially here in the The United States of America that we would be calling atrocities sixty eight years ago both here and Nazi Germany world War II. Just think about it and all the rights we have handed over to our government the same ones that ignored this virus six months ago. Now scrambling almost in disarray as more and more of us die every day. With this tragedy and all if the others there is a light that still shines down albeit a very small one. As alot of us are wondering where God is right now, I do not know but can see his Angels down here everyday I look around.
Angels among us
I believe that Angels do live among us  and that they maybe anyone we might meet, from the man down at the grocery store helping you with your groceries,  to the soldier fighting a war for our freedom who will never admit his defeat. To the little girl who was just diagnosed with cancer, and the …


Lost is a song that came to me in a dream one night, I woke up and wrote the lyrics in about five minutes it is about humanity in general because it seems with addiction, mental health, Covid19, homelessness we are Lost,, the next day my friend put it to music and vocal, Warren Walker then a few hours later another friend Wes Smith, they are both just the first thoughts of two talented musicians I like both but It is not quite what I wanted, desperately looking for someone to finish this, if interested IM me. 
Written by Richard M Knittle Jr.
Wes Smith version -
Warren Walker version -
We got lost somehow among the stars without a clue of who we are trying hard to get back home finding only lost and lonely souls screaming whispers of the past as the truth will never last of who they are or what they were 
Chorus  Lost among the lonely  souls on the hallowed  grounds of hell our  shadows turned against  us when the demons  cast a spell…


This is my tribute to the great Robin Williams and the millions that suffer from depression and loneliness. I know because I do too. You are not alone please remember that.

If you feel like harming yourself please reach out you are loved and wanted or call 1-800-273-talk to the National
Suicide Hotline


These demons I fight I know
are for real from the scars on my heart to the pain that won’t heal I lay in my bed and try to
sleep but at night I lay awake
for the bad ones have taken all of my dreams to forsake my fate has been sealed and with God's help I tried but my world is now over as it fell fast to their side I fought hard with the courage of his only son but at the end of the battle, I was still just only one my entire life has been nothing
but one day in hell so because of it
meaning nothing to me the faster I fell I fought back for my freedom and for the last of my sons the addiction I beat easy and for
Ryder well it’s still on all those
friends I have taken with me int…

Eternities forever never ends.

Eternities forever never ends. It was at least for me anyways so very good to see you again today, all I know is that a miss you more every time you come around me, because that is when I start to have all of those feelings that are of happiness and joy that I know will never end for where ever it is we are no matter who we are with you will always have me as I shall always have you in our hearts, thoughts, and souls for that is where we shall always be until the very end, maybe even longer as friends especially as lovers for all of those memories will live inside us forever but always closer than just friends, so seeing you again is always like the very first time that I ever laid my eyes upon you along with this deep unending pounding in my chest first began as my heart said to both me and my soul "sheshe," stuttering "is, this girl is the one that we have always wanted and have been dreaming of waiting for and it still believes that today after a…

The moon shining its light down upon me.

The moon shining its light down upon me.
Sometimes I will go outside when
it is late at night all by myself with
only the stars up in skies with the
darkness everywhere and the moon
shining its light down upon me and
I watch as all the world slowly and
steadily goes by just thinking to
myself as I wonder when and
where it is that I am going to die,
then I listen to all of the sounds of
the creatures that are all around
looking up and asking God for
forgiveness for everything I have
done, then I smell all of the night as
a slow and steady breeze carries
all of the scents of life bringing
back all the memories of another
place and time that I would now
rather be, just reflections of dark
shadows forgotten on a wall left
behind from reality of a dream
back before the real nightmare of
where I am today and a sickness
that will never heal a disease I
have without a cure that now will
forever live inside of me, every day
destroying a little piece of who I was
and what I used to be as I look
now at my reflection …

One day at a time

One day at a time
Yesterday I laughed today I cried tomorrow is a mystery to what may lie ahead, all we do know for sure is that life begins then it ends so worry not what might or may not come my friends or whether it is good, bad even happy, or sad so just remember that the days will come and the nights will go but it does come with each morning of the rising sun that we know so let us close our eyes take a deep breath blow it out then open them up again them take a chance and spin that wheel roll the dice win on seven loose on snake eyes, pull that arm play some slots bet it all on long shot horse named its your life, the one thing you should try to always remember is you can never go back and you also cannot predict the future life is hard we only live once so make

if I told you

If I told you
If I told you what I was thinking deep  down in the darkest dirtiest corners  of my mind the fiery depths of hell  itself would raise up from the ground below then come calling out my name  to take my soul as all the thought  of what I want to do with you when we  are alone just me and you would put  even the devil himself to shame,  I see only an angel standing there right  in front of me causing all the sins that  have been plauging me since the first  day that I had ever seen your beautiful  face that summer day, back when  you made my heart begin to race  making my whole body tremble  and shake as it stil does whenever  you are around, I would even reach up  in the night and capture all of the stars  up in the midnight skies to keep them  from falling then steal all of their  wishes and to wish you always here  by my side, find and close all the  wishing wells so their wishes would  go to no one else, then find a genie  wish three that no more magic  can come from the lamp until forever  has com…