Forever's Lie

This the next song in the upcoming album called Spilled Ink all songs being written by Myself and Performed by Douglas Haines. Douglas is in the studio recording this song now.

they say that love will find you
when you just ain't lookin’ 
now i know that to be true 
but they forgot to mention 
love will leave you blue 
love will leave you blue

lost in the lie
that forever will tell 
feeling the lonely too

but I’ll never be lonely 
your memory’s inside 
I haven’t had the chance 
to tell myself, your gone 
we never said goodbye 
those memories won’t die 
Let me hold on a little longer 
till my bleeding heart gets stronger
and my soul won't fall to pieces
when I cry

the time we shared together 
was the best time of my life 
and even though we said forever 
i never knew how short would be our time

we met. you stole my heart its true
we shared a kiss. I’ll be ok without you 
But you’ll always be 
that part of me that stays 

but I’ll never be lonely 
your memory’s inside 
I haven’t had the chance 
to …



Free from the tyranny that chained my heart
free from the hate that had left its mark
free from the wars that were fought for my soul 
free from the conflicts in my mind not letting me go
free from the colors that is my skin
free from the violence that I was in
free from the hunger that I felt
free from the life that I was dealt
free from the addiction in my veins
free from the ashes in the flames
free from the ghost in my past
free from the love that did not last
free from the greed from which we breed
free from the power we did not need
free from the boundaries that cage us in
free from the races that should have never began
free from the cross from which we hang 
free from the ancestors in where came
free from the world that divides us all
free from the blindness that we saw
free from the bloodshed that we bleed
free from the people that think we need
free from the ones that create despair
free from the smoke that fills our air 
free from the evils of our sin


Poet R…

The stars shine brighter

The stars shine brighter

I believe that the stars above in
the night sky shine brighter over 
the United States of America 
more than at any other place in 
the world, no not because of 
who our president is but the 
people who live and work here,
 people that are just like you 
and I. So here is too all of 
the men and woman postman, 
who deliver all of our mail, for 
now over two hundred and thirty
 eight years from New York City 
to down the Oregon trail, to all
the fire men and women who put
 their lives on the line for us each
 and every day while rushing head
first into the burning rings of fire
 just like Johnny Cash would say, 
to the many thousands of hero's 
who died all in freedoms name 
and all of the men and woman 
who serve now or in the past 
bravely all around the world who
know that at any time they could
die not like those who only 
play war in video games, to 
those who work in fast food 
flipping burgers and salting fries
 whose job is just as important 
as any other probably more 
than they …

I can still remember

I can still remember
I can still remember back when just my
touch on your bare skin was quiet enough
to hold all of your love in my arms under
the stars watching them shooting across
the skies then falling just as we did for each
other while wishing we would stay together,
with only the glow of the full moon rising
like the fires of our passion that was burning
out of control, late at night where we laid
out on a blanket on the shores of eternity
just you and me on the oceans of forever
where you and I made love until the sun
came up shining its light down around us
as we were making our dreams come true.
Here we are today and have both gone our
separate ways as time were never completely
on our side, it is funny how life sometimes
goes for what we believe is so important
to us, all at that very moment seems to
change almost every day, now sometimes
as I lay there in my bed at night when my
wife and kids are sleeping tight the thought
of you begins to fill my head bringing
back all those mem…

I have a dream

I have a dream
I have dream yes just like
Martin Luther King Jr. as
many others do, from way  back in our sorid past up until today and even in the
future  that one day peace,
I mean substainable Peace
will find its way into our
hearts where (consequently
Peace must first begin by  finding peace within one's  own self) forever through  all the eternities it shall stay
lasting until the end of time,
but alas, it is only dream, one
that I do believe in, for I find  it so absurd of the fear and
hate for the color of a man's
skin, I mean to be honest
are we now to be afraid of a
rainbow or a box full of
children's crayons and Play
Doh? Were you will find just
about every single color that  you can think off (even some
you never heard of) in your
mind. Maybe, we should all
fade to gray taking all the
hues away then would the
world be a better place to
stay for our children to grow
live and play or would fear
just find something else to
rear all it's ugly heads to?  Yes, I do have a dream and
I hope …

No, I am not black

Peace on earth goodwill to mankind, we are of one world o e race the human race and are all citizens of the planet earth.

No, I am not black 

No, your right I am not black, so I cannot
ever know how you may actually 
feel, because God just happened to 
make my skin color white but does it 
make a big deal? We both you and I
have struggled in a lot of the same ways 
for I fight every day to find good paying 
jobs so I can put food on my children's 
plate. Just because I was born to 
parents that are white too, does not 
mean that I came with a big silver spoon. 
Just because are you black does not 
mean that you were born poor, you 
have more millionaires now than at 
anytime in our history before. You, 
were never a slave picking cotton in the 
fields and I never owned any and I never 
will, that mistake was resolved back 
over one hundred years through many 
different color of people who have cried 
the same color of tears. When you sit 
down and listen to my words which
ebb and now flow, I am a Poet li…

Be still my quickly beating heart

Be still my quickly beating heart

Every time I see you I need to stop and tell
myself "Hey man, you got this, all you gotta
do is just be cool" but then you look right
at me with your pretty smile and beautiful
face and all of a sudden my knees get weak
then I can barely speak so I close my eyes
real tight and remind myself that I will be
all right as I whisper underneath my breath
"Be still my quickly beating heart" as it begins
pounding really hard deep down within my
chest, while all of those loving feelings come
rushing back I bet you can guess what
happens next as I fall head over heals in
love with you, just like I always do while
some of my favorite memories start
to play like double feature in my head
showing me in my eyes past all of our
home made movies along with some old
photographs showing all the adventures
that you and I had, all of the awesome
uncut scenes even the adult eyes only
ones from all our many different moments
in time that God had given us, and h…

happily ever after forevermore.

happily ever after forevermore.

As the very last drop of ink fell from his tired
old pen and before it had a chance to spill
splashing down upon the last pages of his life,
something quite amazing happened for it
almost seemed as if only for a just a brief quick
moment hung right there in the air like a tear-
drop falling floating almost as if time itself had
stopped a deafening silence filled the air a kind
of quiet, only the dead or even dying would hear,
no birds chirping, or a cat purring, no tick tock
from the clock that was showing one o'clock pm,
not even water rushing from the river outside
his door, no water dripping on the floor coming
from a leaky ceiling in dire need of some repair,
nay even dogs barking chasing the neighbors
across the yard, no, absolutely nothing at all,
suddenly from out of the ink a huge blinding
white light like a bolt of lightning flashed followed
very closely by a tremendous crash as thunder
exploded knocking things off the wall from the
concussion t…

Leftover echoes

Leftover echoes

Every time I meet someone and
I start to think that they may be
the one I am looking for which really
only means somebody who will love 
me the way I love them I fall failing 
miserably flat on my face causing me 
to pull away from ever finding who 
and what I need slowly erasing myself 
from the human race until I disappear 
without trace living in hills hiding from 
anyone and everyone for when I do 
try I am always finding only leftover 
echoes of what and who I am looking 
for, only just very small remnants of 
old forgotten memories trying desperately
hard to hold on to the emotions and 
feelings from the past back in a time 
when we can remember being the 
happiest we  have ever been in our 
lives those remarkable moments that 
made us smile and laugh  that felt like 
it would last forever, until today when 
all of the laughter has been replaced 
with so many tears that it felt like 
falling rain as the feeling of happiness 
and bliss is only reserved for all 
the other people, since sad…