I met a very beautiful and kind angel

I met a very beautiful and kind angel I met a very beautiful and kind angel by the name of Rosemary not so very long ago when she had come from out of nowhere to save my life from my fall from grace while I was heading straight down to the fiery depths of hell, I was broken, and it felt like I had lost everything and everyone I had nothing left inside of me, for I had already given everything away that I had to give my heart was shattered and scattered into the wind as my soul was missing and presumed dead, it felt as if I had nothing or nobody left at all abandoned by friends and family and left to die all alone by a woman who was really a demon and part of the Devil himself, the wars that raged between us lasted for one hundred and eighty-two years I would win some then she did too over and over again, keeping her busy away from the world so everyone else would live, I sacrificed myself so she would never harm anybody else at all again, but for some strange reason either getting old

Addiction to anything

Addiction to anything is by any definition not fun by any means and is not really very cool at all, I mean who truly wants to live and wander the dark, mean, cold, and dirty streets in a drug-induced haze wondering when and where your next fix will be throwing up while throwing away all of your morals that you were born with that day and we're supposed to be taught while you were growing up like all of those sinners who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah that the Bible says was destroyed by God himself for living a life that he deemed and judged immorally yet it is truly unclear in the verses of Genesis what all the true sins actually were, so, please do not start on me because I do not see what being gay or lesbian had to do with one damn thing like the haters hate on for if two lonely souls find one another and fall in love with each other then everyone should be happy and mind their own business and let them be happy at least for finding what so many others cannot for if you are an add

The anniversary of our first salutation

The anniversary of our first salutation Today's is a day that will live always in infamy to me for the memories and feelings that it brings are very painful indeed as I feel no beat from a broken heart that will never heal again, shattering into a million pieces spread throughout time remembering all of the thunder and lightning that will never be heard or seen like it was back then when our lips came together for the very first time we were drawn together as we stood there staring into one another's eyes looking all the way down to each others souls and then if out of nowhere our souls came together making love as we laid in the bed together next to one another and dreamed about our future together which has now turned into a nightmare as the love we shared was destroyed by all the lies from all of her unfaithful sins as the tears fall today for sadness and joy that somehow vanished into an abyss that we fell into and got lost for all those trips that we took to heaven have no

The Map

Richard, as always, your writing touches my heart. Mon cher ami, elle vous y trouverez, n'abandonnez pas espoir. The Map The scars on my heart are where the many heartaches and painful memories of my life have broken my heart crisscross across it like the navigational lines of a map from the many journeys I have been on down the different paths of life that it has taken me for it has traveled around the world and back like this one that we live and to the moon on many a blanket under the stars on many a very warm midsummer nights It has traveled down roads where it has walked all alone wishing it had taken the road that leads back home and It has been lost on the highways that were leading straight into hell that was littered with the lost souls broke down with heart Breaks, Sorrow, and Despair It has been down the roads that was filled with many happy smiles of the faces of all the loved ones that it has not seen in now many a miles It has ventured down boulevards that were lit wi

That was a long time ago

  When it comes to depression I am the king of the darkness being diagnosed with severe clinical depression and PTSD I have lived with it my entire life and it has caused me many relationships and friendships no matter how good my life maybe headed it is always shadowed by this horrific disease. You tell somebody to chill or take a pill or scream and yell at them but all that does is cause them to retreat farther down into that sadness that they know so well because when you have been in the darkness for so long your eye will grow accustomed to the dark and the light will only hurt our eyes. Suicide Prevention 24 Hour Crisis Hotline 1-877-466-0660 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) That was a long time ago Once upon a time, I lived happily ever after but that was a long time ago, way back in a time when I still believed in fairy tales and wishing on falling stars, no Santa Claus or even love, or the magic of any kind, no family nor friends or even the end since