Love and Poetry: Lost through time

#Knittle#Quotes#Poetry#Poet#Poets#Poem#Love#Heart#Soul#Giving#Children#Sons#instagrampoetry#instagram#Addiction#Recovery#Addict#PTSD#Veteran#TexasLove and Poetry: Lost through time cover is the first release in over a year for Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. and is filled with brand new quotes and of course his heart and soul poetry that has made him the well known and respected Poet and Author he is today with fans of all ages and walks of life around the world. Love and Poetry: Lost through time is Richard M Knittle Jr's seventeenth book of poetry and has over 600 pages with over 65,000 words. It is also available in two different covers that feature Richard's beautiful photographs that were taken around Fort Worth, Texas mostly in Azle and Springtown area just west of DFW.$15.99 Love and Poetry: Lost through time Cover oneLove and Poetry:Lost through time one
21.99 Love and Poetry:Lost through time Cover TwoLove and Poetry:Lost through time two

Ángeles entre nosotros

Ángeles entre nosotros
 ángeles viven entre nosotros
y puede ser cualquiera que crucemos.
Desde el hombre de la tienda, 
hasta el soldado que no admite
haber perdido su guerra.
Desde la pequeña niña con cáncer,
de ese que ni siquiera tiene cura,
hasta el niño con autismo,
que demuestra amor con el alma pura.
Desde la vecina con moretones,
la que dice que se ha caído,
hasta la pequeña encerrada en su cuarto,
a quien le prohíben emitir un solo ruido.
Los ángeles viven entre nosotros,
y puede ser cualquiera que crucemos,
Dios ha elegido a aquellos,
cuyas almas son de hierro.
Desde el indigente con problemas mentales,
hasta los adictos intentando dejar la calle,
al oficial que intenta proteger a los niños
de momentos letales.
Desde la madre de tres niños,
intentando sobrevivir,
al hombre que trae comida a la mesa, desempleado y sin dinero,
solo para que puedan existir.
Desde las enfermeras que cuidan de tí quince horas diarias,
al doctor de doble turno, que no se queja una palabra.
Los ángeles viven entre nosotros…

The bench and the old man

I was walking home one day after getting into a fight with
my girlfriend and I decided
to cut through the park that
is when I saw him sitting on
a bench, leaned over looking
col and lonely while he was
feeding pigeons as it was
starting to get dark, so I
stopped and watched for
just a minute without saying
a word then I shook my head
and I said to him "hey man,
are you okay? he looked up
at me with a tear in his eye
and this is what he had to
say, "you know what? I have
been sitting here at this park
at this same bench every
single day at the same time
for forty two years and you
are the first person to stop
or even care why I am just
sitting here" I said "well sir
you see I just got in a huge
fight over nothing with the
love of my life and I needed
to get some much need air",
he smiled and patted the
empty space right next him
and said "son, please have a
seat so I can say what I need
then I will get up and leave
here at least for today", so I
thought about it and sat
down right ne…

Friday Night in Texas

It is a Friday night here in Texas and all the lights on the field are on
the last year quarterback is hoping to
make hometown history while the
cheerleaders are cheering the crowd on,
It is the fourth quarter with only ten
whole seconds left to play the home team
has the ball on the fifty-yard line and they
all know that this is the last game of the
season and it will be the last play,
fourth down and three points behind
senior year quarterback has his whole life
right there in front of him with this game
now on the line coach is screaming as the crowd
is standing tall and this Is how we play high school
football here in Texas in every single hometown
every fall Y'all.
In the huddle as the boys now all turn to men
Quarterback smiles and says "Hey Y'all, what a
great few years it has been, we have all been
together through the hard times and the
good and no matter what happens next I
am proud to call you all friends
now who wants to pray lest break Amen" The teams are lined up on the fi…
Though his body was weakened by age and his mind beginning to wander the fire that fed his passion still burned out of control causing the ink that he spilled to burn the pages that forever will live on long after he is gone.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.A #Poets JourneyTexas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020



Your very essence is so very
intoxicating causing
me to become drunk by all
of your beauty as it is always
on my mind when I begin to
think about every
single inch of your body, as
I undress you ever so slowly
while a blindfold covers your
eyes in the darkness so that
you can gain a trust in what
we have, so as my pen spills out
all of the ink that now covers
your bare naked skin it begins to
write a story of what you do to me,
starting on the back of your
neck just behind your ears where
my lips start a journey of an
unending lifelong tapestry of a
deeply mutual understanding
between you and I feeling the
warmth of your soft supple skin
ever so gently while kissing just
ever so softly at the nape of your
neck, then quietly whispering
with a single breath without
saying any words at all telling
you what is coming next just
as my trembling hands come
up from behind you exploring
with a design to hold your

Little kisses

Little kissesI just wanted to tell you just how much that those little kissest hat you left on my lips the last few days had really meant to me, you see the taste that you left of your lips upon mine, started retrieving long dead past memories of you and I back when we lived together and knew what the true beauty of real happiness and joy, back before all of this anger, sadness and even back when we could actually get close enough to see the reflections of our undying love for one another deep down to our souls in each other's eyes. all of the beautiful loving times that we once had both now forgotten washed away every morning by the many waves of sorrow fed by distrust caused by lies of indiscretions ripped away from us, stolen by that evil we now call addiction taken from us with no regard of our emotions all the happiness that I used to always feel that I believed would live in my heart with every single beat and up in my mind playing over and over like a movie that started wit…

Faded memories

Faded memories

Trying to live on the memories
of our long and jaded past
holding on to the good times
just hoping they would last
wishing we could capture the
love that I used to know
wondering if I should stay
with you or finally let you go.
The sorrow that I feel from
the pain of a broken heart
with so much that I need to
say to you but I just don't know
where to start, my mind tells
me that it is time for me to
go, my heart is all confused,
and my soul keeps saying no.
I miss most the closeness that
we used to feel, as days are
long and the nights I am
always missing you.
Sleeping in our king size
bed, I feel like I am all alone,
and although we are both
right here, there is nobody
ever home.
If you listen to the silence
where the laughter used to
be, you can hear the tear
drops falling from my eyes
down to my feet, the love
I felt for you through all your
hurtful lies is fading faster
everyday as I start to realize,
It's okay to cry and let those teardrops fall from your eyes even our planet needs to let them fall from the skies once in a while.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.A #Poets JourneyTexas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020
To be brutally truthful the reason that love is so hard to find in the world today is the lack of trust caused by the fact that nobody can be honest anymore.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.A #Poets JourneyTexas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020