singing the blues

Singing the blues

I am so tired of always crying
while inside of me it feels like I
am dying while my heart keeps
breaking and my soul is just
singing the blues, my mind is
always trying to find the reasoning
within the understanding of why
it is and how I can still be in love
with a person like you, causing
a crisis of confusion throughout
my heart, mind, and soul bringing
the chaos of all my emotions that
are beyond my control, which explains
why one second I am laughing and
one minute later I am crying never
knowing which way I should go,
I am drowning in a pool of emotions
with some, I never even knew I had
and now I am lost in the bed I made
for two, wondering why it is that I
cannot get over you then forget all
about you and move on so please
have a littl

Star crossed tragic lovers

Written and Performed by Richard M Knittle Jr.

Little Kisses

Little Kisses Written and Performed by Richard M Knittle Jr.

My Father's Son


Until tomorrow never comes

Until tomorrow never comes. 
As the darkness of the night starts to now fall to the up coming light of day the moon begins slowly making love to the sun as they havewith each coming and going since before the dawn of man, until forever falls away, leaving an eternity go thenext day our two souls wereso completely intertwined andInterwoven through all of the many different fabrics of time holding on to one another so tightly never wanting to let goso afraid to be alone just as both of hearts start pounding as one together with a rhythmical melody of an eternity from a love that is sure to be one from the ages of all of the many yesterdays, even  today until the end of tomorrow never comes.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.A #Poets Journey

My father's son

My fathers son
As I sit here all alone in the dark
on this dirt floor I wonder if it is going
to be my unchangeable destiny to
become my fathers son, so full of
anger and disgust for not turning
out how he wanted me to be for in
his eyes I am a failure who could
never get it right, always shaking his
head when I come into his sight telling
my mother to ask me a question
while he is standing right there in
front of me " what the hell did
he do this time" then walking a way
making me feel so little like I just
committed a heinous crime against
humanity for just being born, causing
me to hate my life so now I just want to
get high picking up the pipe rolling it like
I am playing dice gambling with my life
watching my dreams being completely
destroyed as i watch the reflection of
my pitiful self against the backdrop
of all the rising smoke while drowning  in a sea of deep regret
and sorrow telling myself just tonight
and I will quit tomorrow but I never do

A Place Called Forever

Written by: Richard M  Knittle Jr. and Mike Terry Performed by: Mike Terry

Timeless Beauty

Timeless Beauty

Your beauty is so timeless
a classic just like Marilyn Monroe,
her essences must of somehow
found you, so I just wanted you to
know. You have sparked a heat of
passion in me that will continue
to always burn, as your body
is so incredibly gorgeous its every
curve I now want to learn.
I write down my feelings just so
you can read exactly how I feel,
and as my words now leave your
sexy lips I want to feel your lips
on mine so a kiss we will soon seal.
Your skin is so soft and as pure white
as the newly fallen snow, you are
nothing less than a beautiful
princess in waiting whom I really
want to know. Yes, my dear, I am
a romantic who loves burning
candles everywhere watching you
in the light of the glow as I would treat
you as if you were a queen,

Star crossed tragic lovers

Star crossed tragic lovers

If you look real hard up at all 
the beautiful shimmering stars 
out in the midnight skies far 
away from the city from the 
smoke and haze away from all
the man-made lights some 
where out in the countryside
where the only thing you will 
see is the Poetry in all of Gods
creations among all the scenery 
where you will see about a billion
stars times ten or more out in
 the Milky Way galaxy and other 
 celestial entities and even the 
 pearly gates of heaven and 
maybe even Saint Peter himself 
if you are very lucky, a place 
where our souls are from but 
even further beyond that is 
where all of time had first 
begun you will find star crossed
 tragic lovers like Romeo and
Juliette still in love together in
a death"do you part kind of love
 but you will not if it is not a real
true love like their's is" just as 
they both only wanted in life like 
all of us are looking for but can
 only dream of  the kind of love 
that knows no end or any kind of
 boundaries as in Mark Anth…

One of a kind

One of a kind

I just thought that there was 
some thing you might ought to
 know from way back, before you
were even born, when God first
begin creating you, because he
damn well knew what he was
doing that's for sure with not a
 doubt leftover in my mind and 
that is why he had to break the
mold, for he had finally achieved
perfection so their could be no
other like you in this ugly broken
world, you see, baby you are like 
I always say to you all of the time
that you are indeed nothing less
then a one of kind personality
whose sheer absolute beauty
cannot be compared to any others
for you truly are a beautiful find on
any planet as your soul is just as
free and wild as a catogory five
tornado blowing across all of
Texas never to be ever captured
with a heart that is more giving
and loving then all of heaven who
can switch from a halo angel 
straight from heaven to fiery 
brimstone hell demon in three 
point four seconds causing hearts
 to break and souls to shake 
 then using all of that southern
 charm to say…