As I stand here

As I Stand Here

As I stand here on this mountain
top looking at all of Gods creations
in awe at all that is around me,
I am saddened that I am even
human any more since hate,
violence and racism is all I ever now
see, with children dying before they
are born with some even homeless,
hungry, and living dirty on the
streets and people who are just like
me that have been diagnosed with mental
illness with no care like depression,
anxiety, personality disorders,
and even PTSD.
As I stand here and think about life
and So many other different
things in this valley that is down
below, I started wondering out loud
and then to myself have we not
learned anything from our past?
World war I, World War ll, Vietnam,
Korea, the Gulf War and many more,
is there anything else besides war
that we know? When will we finally
be ready to give peace a chance?
That is what I want to know, but

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Are we really the master?

Are we really the master of?

I have always said that blood or
DNA does not always mean family
and really is not that much thicker
then water I mean take a damn good
look at me, I am the epitome of a
excommunicated proverbial
black sheep of the family and to
tell the truth I am very honored that
I am thought of that way, and even
Ryder whom I fought an all-out war
over and whom the world knows me
as his father regardless of who his
sperm donor is, so I sit back start to
really wonder are we really the captain
of our own ship? Do we really navigate
through our own time and space?
Are we the true masters of our own
fate? Or is our life already predestined
and no matter what we say or do
it will end up the same anyway,
what do you think is it luck or fate? Or
could it be something else entirely
all together? Then I begib to think

Land of the lonely

Land of the lonely
(Where depression calls its home) Running from all the darkness
while searching for the light,
looking for the truth in a
world that is so full of lies,
always fighting the demons
that we all create inside,
seeking out the others to
find out where they hide,
looking for a true love in
a place that love has gone,
trying hard to spread the
word of joy and peace in
a land where wars rage on,
waiting for the sunshine
where night begins and
ends, fighting back the
teardrops that seem to
never end, hoping to find
some happiness when
loneliness is the king,
where sorrow is the child
of regret who is now the queen,
looking up at the cloudless
skies as thunder storms
rain down, as lighting lights
the clear blue skies while
the thunder hides its roar,
climbing up a mountain
while falling to the ground,
screaming out for help yet
making not a sound, standing
in a crowd of people yet
feeling all alone, while
getting lost in a foreign
land in the bedroom of your
home, sleeping through the
days and nights …

Story of you and I

Our story beginsOur story begins on a warm
summer night with just you
and I under the light of all the
stars above and the glow of the
moonlight looking down upon
us from a clear midnight sky,
while we are busy holding on
to each other while wrapped in
nothing at all but our hopes and
  dreams that we both share
along with everything and the  taste of each other's lips left
over still from our first kiss while
  we make love for hours then fall
  asleep in the others arms then
wake up to the rising sun starting
  all over again until the shine ofan early morning light from the
  beauty of a Texas sunrise when we start to plan our lives together
   while staring deeply into each
   others eyes where it felt as if
   time itself begin to speed up
  and begin to fly as many years
  just went on by as our story of
  you I continued filling all of those
  pages with so much laughter
  and even tears telling of sickness
   and fears along with memories
    of our children that seemed to
have grown up …

Live Poetry by Richard M Knittle Jr 6/22/2019

Live Poetry by Richard M Knittle Jr 6/22/2019

The legend of the Fallen Angel

The legend of the Fallen Angel
Every single legend that has ever been told throughout the ages from the beginning of man, was started by someone somewhere who saw or heard something happen and relayed it to a family member or friend who then repeated to others and so on So forth each time being told a little differently with bits and pieces changed or added even more subtracted until it was finally written down or ink to paper when it finally becomes a legend, lore or fairytale sometimes even a nursery rhyme, either way, no matter what it is, it usually has some truth buried deep down in the very essence of the story. So now that the back story or