Thank you for being my friend

Thank you for being my friend

Your beauty is without a doubt a treasure
one that shall last past forever until the
ends of time has passed us by, for you
have captured my heart causing it to
start to pound harder than it ever has
before with a beat a lot like rhythmic
sounds of love ever since that night you
and I kissed spinning around holding on
to each other both desperately needing
the touch and warmth of one another
just two damaged people giving all that
they had left to give on the hardwood
floor while we danced together with our
souls, from that first kiss to the present
who knows what our futures may bring, I
fell in love with you and still do as the
very sight of you turns me on, two almost
strangers at one time before but instant
best friends the first time you walked
through my door, I am a part of you as
you are a part of me too that will never
change and that is truth no matter where
in life our paths may go I will always be
there for you whether you are happy, sad,
or blue I am always only just a call away,
I would move mountains if you want me
too even be your slave to do whatever you
asked me at any place at anytime anywhere
while always wanting so very bad to hold
on to you once again maybe one day we
can have what we had back but for now
I take you anyway I can we have been
stranger best friends and lovers as the
truth will always live between us which
will always be a secret forever locked
away between our hearts, minds, and
souls, so all of this ink I have spilled today
for all of the words I have laid bare for the
whole world to see actually is because I
just wanted to thank you for always being
my friend.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poets Journey


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