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All week long all my books are FREE on Kindle download to enjoy and share. Thank you for the last five years it has truly been amazing. Love Hugs and Kisses Richard M Knittle Jr.

All week long all my books are FREE on Kindle download to enjoy and share.
Thank you for the last five years it has truly been amazing.
Love Hugs and Kisses
Richard M Knittle Jr.

Back in the days

Back in the days Back in the days when I was younger, I can still
very much remember being so carefree and happy
smiling all the time, then a little later even older
back before I had left my roots and moved to
Texas, I was laughing while having fun always
trying hard to have a great time, I was the life of
the party, the guy who knew everybody and
everyone knew me, but then something happened
somewhere in between here right now and there
back then when the darkness came in covered
up my light, along loneliness did too all mixed in
with a deep sadness that I know for sure as soon
as I crossed the border coming from New Mexico
I was somehow in some ways cursed by the devil
himself bent overused shunned by God angel
abused that's where I must have entered the fiery
pits of Hell itself, you see for being pretty smart at
least that is what they say it seems to me that i
am actually quite the opposite in reality, for I am
nothing more than letters written across my head
written for those to read that sai…

Forever know the tune

Forever know the tune
Baby, I need you to know that you are
in reality, only a leftover memory or just
a little piece of my past still breathing 
deep down inside of me, almost like a
song or melody one you hear it seems
stuck inside of your head all day long
everywhere you go hearing it either as
whistle or maybe somebody is humming
the tune like the music notes are just
floating along right there in the air and
even though you may not remember all
the words to the song, I will always and
forever know the tune as it is always
playing over inside of my mind or it could
be a piece of very beautiful poetry that
was crafted by a Poet with an extraordinary
ability to see inside of humanity one that
will move you to laugh and or cry as you
can feel every single word along with all
of the emotions causing you sadness,
anger, fear, and love that really and truly
felt as if you were actually standing right
there at that very moment in time living it
as he was spilling all of his ink coming
from somewhere down deep …

Forever never ends

Forever never ends

It was at least for me anyways
so very good to see you again
today, all I know is that a miss you
more every time you are around me
because that is when I start to have
all of those feelings that are of
happiness and joy that I know will
never end for wherever it is we are
no matter who we are with you will
always have me as I shall always
have you in our hearts and souls,
until the very end, maybe no
longer lovers as those memories
will live inside of us forever but always
closer than just friends, so seeing
you again is like the very time that
I laid my eyes on you and this deep
down never-ending pounding in my
chest first started as my heart said
to both me and my soul she is the one
that we have been waiting for and it
still believes that today, I can still
Remember when I walked into the

Have you ever cried

This is the first piece I have written in several weeks since getting out of the hospital, I felt a lot of pain and sorrow not physical but in my soul, met some angels who are nurses and a few new ones heading home including a few that came to see the room they had once stayed before they moved on. This is for their loved ones who left the stains of their teardrops on the wall.
Have you ever cried
Have you ever cried outside on a sunny summer day? Have tear drops fallen when you heard a certain song being played? Have your eyes seen someone special who was not really there? Have your ears heard voices when nobody was around of someone whom you cared?
Chorus: Well, your not crazy and your not a damn fool, no, that is how you know your heart is still broken and trying to heal reaching out just trying to feel anything a touch, a kiss, a thought from the one you loved who is no longer here.
Have you ever heard a whisper all alone in the middle of the night? Have you ever felt the warmth of their …