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I was so afraid to live a life without you but then I realized that I survived without you before we ever met just fine it was more like I was scared that I would not have a life when you were gone but I was wrong life goes on just as the morning sun rises in the beautiful blue skies and so will I.


My new song called A bar named forever

After just a short delay the world debut of. A bar named forevermemories and alcohol don't make good partners especially when your trying to let go and every woman who walks through that door reminds me of how we held on to each other dancing slow on that hardwood floor.
Sitting here getting
drunk at some bar they
call forever drinking away the color of your
beautiful eyes finding nothing I was
looking for at the bottom
of shot number nine. just another night under the neon lights here in a bar named forever where we dreamed of sharin’ our lives together but those dreams died away and forever became a lie.
Sitting here getting drunk
at some bar they call
foreverdrinking away the
color of your beautiful
eyes finding nothing I
was looking for at the
bottom of shot number
nine. Forever holds a special part of me just a little piece of my heart we danced so many nights through all the good times and bad until you said our love was over and I let go of what we had.…

How do I get free

How do I get free?
For as far back in my mind that I can remember I have been running away from all of my demons while chasing the fire of a dragon, so much so that I have even forgotten what is was like to just stop and look up at the sun feel the warmth
and smile always to afraid that one day they would finally find me then what was I supposed to do anyway aways fighting a war that was over against an enemy who was never really there after all the while I was falling down deeper in a hole that was filled of sorrow and despair where it felt as if I was being dragged under by the weight of my past mistakes always fighting to climb out gasping for air, drowning in a frozen sea of shear loneliness while surrounded by the darkness so how do I get free? I have been looking so very long for a real love to hold on to for as far back as I can remember alway coming close or so I thought I was only to grab on and find out after giving out everything that I had inside of me it was never really l…

My new song called SAVIOR

And then we have this,
The song that goes with my new poem "I am in love with a fallen angel" called "Savior" written by Richard M Knittle Jr. With music and vocals by my very good friend Mr. Douglas Haines.

Love the meaning of

Love the meaning of.We, well what I really
mean is as in the English
language have only have
one word for love while
the Greek has at least four
which are agápe, éros, philía,
and storage as you can plainly
see, even others countries spell
love different but all means the
same so here is little test tell
me what country uses
what word for love and
write it down for me, Liefde, Amor, Ljubav, Laska, Kaerlighed,
did you get them all? Well if
you did then you are a
love scholar and get
much love from me.
Love can be such a very
fragile thing yet can hold the strength of an army as fight
for love to be
and of course anywhere
in between, love has so
many meanings that I
believe it really should
be more than one word
that try to explain just
what love means, for
example love is not only
a miracle that can put back
all the pieces of a heart that
has been broken all apart like
a jigsaw puzzle left outside
after hurricane while healing it
so that it begins to beat again

I am in love with a fallen angel

I am in love with a fallen angel
One of the saddest days that I have ever had in my whole entire life thus far, was the day that I held the most beautiful woman I have ever known tightly in my arms as she trembled against my body that was filled with more love for her then she could ever even Imagine and it was raging inside of me with flames smoldering like a fire burning out of control with so much passion that she herself or even anyone else for that matter would ever know, meanwhile a flood of tears were falling down like a bad winters storm somewhere out in the middle of the ocean from the deep dark sadness of her big brown sexy eyes that were reflecting all the signs of a hidden sorrow and the shadows that were left over of her long much regretful past that seems to follow her everywhere she goes, as she sobbed and cried uncontrollably which was coming from her heart that had been badly broken so many times into a million pieces that it just may never heal again along with a wounded completely los…