Earth plus race divided by humans equals only one.

Earth plus race divided by humans equals only one. Sometimes when it is late at night and I am all alone with just with my thoughts I wonder to myself just as I start to look around my empty room why I am here on this planet with one moon and the stars at this very moment in time with the people who live in a world that does not forgive full of so much violence, greed, and hate? my heart only knows of real love and understanding and gives itself away to any and all who comes along yet it always being broken from those who never really loved him and will never learn My soul writes of love as it looks for the one that it will never find for that kind of love in this day and age only remains in story's of once upon a times and happy endings that no longer live in this world and never will come true, my mind is in awe as it sees all of the destruction trying hard to understand the reasoning and deduction of why war and violence still remains after all these years of death and destruction wounding so many men, woman, and children over supposedly peaceful religions or the color of another mans skin, yet no one is killed from color of your hair or even nails so it figures that the equation for world peace among all man is easy and that is really nothing short of an amazing and does not take a genius after all to understand that I write it down on a chalkboard in my head over and over and over again that "Earth plus race divided by humans equals only one ."
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poets Journey


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