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I just wanted you to know

I just wanted you to know I just wanted you to know how much I love you and I hope one day I can give you the moon and all of the stars above and I pray everyday that all of your dreams and wishes come true, you mean more to me then the world we live in and the warmth of the shining sun as I cannot help but smile and be filled with joy whenever you are around you bring the light to my life and to my eyes unlike anyone I have ever known, your beauty is as ageless as the rising sun making love every night to the moon you are my muse my Juliette my Marilyn Monroe, you are all in my life that is good you are the ink that flows through me that spills from my pen upon the paper creating all the letters to my poems you are the rhyme and the reason in my poetry ingrained in all the words, your heart beats harder for those that you love and whatever it is you believe in as your soul fights for loyalty and freedom and is as wild as a Texas Tornado as you are the t

Words from an idiot Live poetry

Do you remember too?

Do you remember too? The sun is out and shining, not a drop of rain in sight children are outside playing flying different colored kites couples holding hands while walking down the street, whispering quietly to each other smiling, waiting for the night flowers are blooming everywhere spreading color across the globe just like the beautiful rainbows after a springtime thunderstorm, Friends are making plans for destinations unknown, filled with alcohol, white-sanded beaches, wearing nothing more than smiles dancing underneath the stars knowing what love is in my heart yet having nobody to love or hold memories flowing from the past back when I was living in a much different world looking out the window to an emptiness that I now see with streets devoid of cars or people cruising down the streets how long has it been since the sickness came to be the one called the Coronavirus, or COVID ineteen was it nature who evolved it causing man's new fate or was man playing God again unleashi

My life for the last fifteen years

  My life for the last fifteen years My life for the last fifteen years as I have lived it was filled with nothing more than chaos, sadness, and confusion caused by a demon who is part devil himself that was disguised as an angel who was filled with nothing more than sin, I realize now that all of those years I had wasted on a crazy narcissistic creature that only knew how to lie, cheat, and steal, her soul has been missing and was presumably dead along with a heart that pumped nothing but cold icy blood and was as black as the night even coal, I woke up every morning with the feeling of nothing but helplessness and misery while being abused, even when the night fell all of her promises never came true as I only wished for human touch yet always slept all alone being called names like a bully that would always hurt me as she was playing her stupid games then laughing at the end results her cheating was constant something she did all the time, so now I am raising a son who is not even m