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She is I am we are

She is I am we are After a long debate over a relationship, I recently had I was asked why I am still trying to talk with her and I thought about and could not give an answer then I felt a strange vibration throughout my body and I closed my eyes and heard the murmurs of a muse so I started writing and this is what I wrote "She is my muse whether it be good or bad that I cannot lie I may love her I may not either way my words come through her as they find their way into my thoughts, it is something I can not break for I have tried for many days and even longer nights she is my double or my twin quite the opposite in every single list, I draw my energy from her, and I feel lost without her, I hate to love her and I love to hate her. She is a painting that I never seem to finish, she is the dark at night I am the light of day she will be my death she is my life until the end of days, she is the first and the very last of everything I know from the future to the past, she is, I am we

Once upon a time ago ever after.

  Once upon a time ago ever after. Once upon a time ago ever after two very lonely souls had met by chance then fell pretty much in love with each other the first time that they laid eyes on each other you know how the story goes then one thing led to another saw each other at a party boy sees the girl she goes yum they talk dance then we kissed the world spun lightning flashed and the thunder crashed then they saw fireworks in each other’s eyes, stopped took a breath had to check if that was real so they kiss their lips locked on to the other they danced so closely together with two hearts started beating out the same beat that two lonely broken souls became confused and touched causing a chain reaction becoming one soul for a brief moment transferring all they knew to the other becoming dependant on each other where they for the rest of time be soul mates... believe it or not, that was you and I, thinking back now it seems so long ago, anyway what started out as two lonely people com

Close my eyes

My first album named Spilled Ink is finished so to celebrate all 12 songs will have new videos and lyrics. Close my eyes is a written collaboration of words between myself and noted Poet and songwriter Craig Burt. From the upcoming album called Spilled Ink filled with mostly poetry a little bit of music some vocals too and a lot of heart and soul. Close my eyes Written by: Richard M Knittle Jr. & Craig Burt Performed by: Douglas Haines I watch the sun come up across that clear blue Texas sky my thinkin’ of the things we had turned to rivers from my eyes I try to stop my heart just drops when the wind brings your whisper soft and dry I drift away, but I still cry All of the brightest stars are out of a perfect picture clears my doubt I contemplate. I hesitate. I won’t let go my love for you still grows and I adore you so I’m sittin’ here as time goes by healin’ slow. The pain won’t die the hurt won’t go, keeps building slow, and love just fades away. so I don’t know but I st

The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Kindle Edition

The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Kindle Edition I cannot believe that in August it will be seven years, that I wrote this by the grace of God, and that I hit number one in several Kindle categories seven years in the top ten in free epic poetry, I only wrote so that in case I never saw my son again he would at least know who I was and how much I loved him. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing Ryder and me all of your love and support over these many years I personally would have never made it this far without all of you. somebody how could I believe a perfect stranger over them, my answer was because they all believed in me......... Download for free follow the link below: Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. Ryder Dean Knittle A Poet's Journey The Battle Lost: Ryders Birth by Richard M Knittle Jr. (Author) Format: Kindle Edition Best Sellers Rank: #56,784 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store) #10 in Epic Poetry (K