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Many of us fight the cold lonely battle of the darkness called depression every day, it is a constant war throughout our life. It is something we must fight just to to stay alive. Believe me you are not alone as I walk down the same path with you. Please remember that suicide is not painless and it is never the answer to the questions we seek. THINK ABOUT THIS. You are never alone for I am here for you and just know this someone does love you. God loves you Jesus loves you. And the one person who says love is dead me, I love you too. Demons These demons that I have been fighting I know are for real, from all of the scars on my heart to this pain that will never heal. Some days I lay in my bed to go to sleep but at night I am still awake, for all of the bad ones have taken all of my dreams  to forsake. I fear that my fate has been already been sealed so even with God's help I tried the I tried the very best that I could, but I believe my world this one that I had once loved is now o

I'm not sick

All these months of feeling sick some days I'm tired and want to sleep some nights awake but want to sleep tossing and turning first I'm hot then cold so I finally Google my symptoms good news I am not really sick bad news is I am just extremely horny. Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.