Free Books January 30th until February 3rd Kindle Downloads

Here are some links to my Songs and Poetry also starting tomorrow January 30th until February 3rd a special thank you for showing me so much love the last six years, so if you are interested:


Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. a nominated Texas Poet Laureate

It has been a little while so all my books for Kindle are free for download starting on, JANUARY 30th through TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd get one or get all eighteen all FREE for Kindle download.

Remember you do not need to have a Kindle you can get the Kindle app at your apps store and even for your PC.

1. The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth
2. Broken Angel: An epic mini-tale of a 15 year old heroin addict
4. Poetry in God's Creations: A Poets Journey
5. Out of the Darkness: A Poets Journey
6. Addiction: The Sounds of Silence
7. Why?: An epic mini poetry tale on the effects of PTSD
8. Into the Light: A Poets Journey
9. Conversations with God and the Devil: Helping to heal a Broken World
10. Looking Back: A Poets Journey
11. Love, Lust, or Something Else: A Poets Journey
12. Sparkling Eyes: Poetry from the Heart: Love and Heartache
13. Poetry, Friends, and Martinis: A Poets Journey
14. Poetry Because It Matters: A Poets Journey
15. The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Special Edition
16. When Souls Mate: An epic mini-tale of two souls
17. Love and Poetry: Lost through time cover one
18. Love and Poetry: Lost through time cover two


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