I know that he is listening.

I know that he is listening

I know that He is listening to me
when and wherever it is that I may 
speak and that He will test me
on my faith every single day and 
I shall never waver in my true and
honest belief, that God and all of 
his angels are real for I myself have
seen, with the glory of my own eyes
his light and have heard with my
ears his voice for I have felt his 
love in my heart and even though 
my visit to heaven was way to brief, 
I know that God's blessings will 
always shine down upon me. Over 
the last few years that he showed pity 
and sent me back home with a gift 
I have been walking down a very dark 
path trying to lead others back into 
the light but sometimes helping others 
we ourselves will get lost in the fight 
and as we try to fix other lost and 
broken souls, if that broken soul does 
not want to be fixed you will find that 
sometimes we will lose our very own 
souls in the mix. 
So be careful no matter how strong 
that you think you are for the darkness 
and its evils are really never very far 
so make sure that your faith in He is 
for real when trying to help others 
who have not asked for your help or
the darkness may forever in fate it
will seal lost in the night far away from 
the light with no way out. So just know 
this my friends, for some you just 
cannot help, so walk away while you 
can just knowing in your heart that 
you did the very best you can and
then on your knees talk to He and pray
for them to finally understand that God 
no matter what if you just ask to be 
forgiven for all their many sins then
open up your heart and he will it up 
with love as He come in to give you 
a new life a new direction and a brand 
new begin.

in His name, Amen

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
A Texas Poet Laureate 
Nominee 2016-2020


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