Only you have the power

Only you have the power

I started out in my life believing 
that I was going to set the world on 
fire, but soon found out it was filled with 
nothing more than smoke and mirrors 
finding only thieves and liars along with
those who want to steal all of your dreams 
and desires anyway they can, 
I thought 
that I was the King of my own kingdom
but I never got to rule anyone or anything 
for I only wore a paper crown 
colored in
with a golden crayon, I thought I
was the captain of my own ship 
Sailing in the direction that I myself
had picked, little did I know at that time
the tides on the ocean of tears that 
were filled up with years of guilt had 
their own agenda taking me everywhere
but the place I needed, so I chose 
my path in this life the best that I
could all because I thought 
it would
lead me to untold riches and 
but I got lost somehow and took a wrong
turn because it only took me
to a one 
way highway that led me straight to 
hell, where the harder I tried to get
back home the faster I would fall and hit
the ground and got really sick
and tired 
of it, so I climbed up the ladder as 
fast as I could stepping on
those who 
got in my way losing track of
who I was
caring for nobody but myself
until God or
someone else pushed me off
and I fell 
fast and this time I hit the ground so 
hard it finally woke me up so
I started 
climbing back out taking my time and
trying to help others to find 
their way
too which fills my heart up with peace
and my soul is now out dancing 
in the rain all by itself not needing
anyone else and as for me
well I have 
my ups and downs but now 
I smile 
because I know that I am just
that much
closer to heaven and get the
help of
angels now and then and even though
this world is still filled with thieves and 
liars that's okay cause they need help
too once in while and nobody
can ever 
take my dreams and or desires from 
me and just like the devil he 
only has 
power over you no matter how hard
He tries unless you let him 
for you
and you only have the power 
to live uour
life how you want it. 


Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A Poet's Journey 


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