I am going to always love you.

Dedicated to the sons I am missing so very much..

Michael, Bryan, Dakotah, and my Grandsons. 

I am going to love you

I am going to love you until
 forever comes my way even
  if you do not want to love me 
too there is nothing that I can
   do and sure it will
hurt and I will be a little
    blue but it will be okay 
because I Love You. 

I am going to love you until 
all of the fires of
hell have
 cooled and faded away when
  the devil is finally dead 
  then buried six feet down underground in a
   unmarked grave as the 
angels sing a song as his
  soul is carried home for 
  just like He who lives high
 above whose love is for all no matter what
 I will always love you even
  if you do not love me it will be okay I
will love anyway. 
I am going to love you and it
 does not matter what you
  say, it will not matter to me 
  if you scream, shout, and
 call me names, I do not care
 what you do because I will
  always love you, even if you
   do not want to love me too
    it will be okay. 

I am going to love you until
 the day that I die like I have
  since the first time I held
you in my arms and looked
 you in your eyes as tears fell
  from mine as I heard the
 doctor say, here is your little
 baby boy then I whispered in
  your ear that I will always love
   you no matter if you love
    me too and if you do not it will
     be okay I am going to love you anyway. 
I am going to love you like a
 father always should no
  matter what may happen in
   our lives for we are only
    human beings so mistakes are
 made every day, we will fight 
and shout and scream and you 
and I will not
 always agree and you may 
even say that you hate me 
for things I say or do but I 
will always love you either
 way even when say that
 you do not love me it will be
 okay I will love you

I am going to love all of my
 boys the same as I have
  from the day you were
   brought into this world
    standing right there
     whispering in all your ears
      with tears falling
down holding
       you in my arms for no matter
 what may happen in our
  lives nobody really
 knows anything for sure the 
only thing for
 certain is that I will always
 and forever love you so no
  matter where you are right
   now, whatever you are doing, 
whoever you are with
    I just want you all to know
that I will always love you and 
me always
have and always will even
 if you do not love me too it
   will be okay I will love you anyway. 

I am going to love you no
 matter what you say it is not
  your right to take that away
   you may say things that 
   will break my heart in two 
but I will still always love you 
either way, even when you say 
that I am crazy and you will keep
my grandson from me or that 
you never want to see me
yes that may hurt more
 then you could ever know, and
  you three may have got
   together then decided that I am
    no longer your dad
for reason that are
so very unclear, I will always be
your father no matter what 
you say or do I will with no
doubt continue until my final
 breath when I go with my
buddy death
standing there with Saint Peter at
 the gates of heaven on my
  judgment day when all
   eyes are on me and God
    cries out what do you want
     to say, I will stand up and 
will say "Please forgive me for I do not
      believe that I am worthy 
       because I did not love 
enough you see except for
 my four sons, for I am going
 to always and forever love 
  them no matter where I maybe
  either down in hell or somewhere on earth
  As a human being or here in 
heaven as an angel with my
    wings if gold, so even if you never want to ever
     love me again, it will be okay because 
     I am going to love you all until the 
     end of all time plus a day. 


Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A Poet's Journey


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