No love, no passion, no you and me.

No love, no passion, no you and me. 

I am sorry to tell you but I
have no more love to give
you anymore, it is gone along
with my patience and trust in
you which I have no more, it
makes me really sad how
much you wasted all of these
many years so much so it has
 even dried up all of my tears
My heart you have broken
many times before with each
time the pain became a little
less as my soul got colder then
it was before, looking back at
all our memories it is hard to
find the good, as all of the bad
have replaced them erasing
them from my mind causing
me to wonder why I have stayed
here for so longand now the
void that has been left behind
has begun to fill with hate,
causing all of my emotions to
start now to break, leaving a
sea of sorrow and deep sadness
in its wake, and furthermore I
just do not know how much
more of this I can take, so if
you have ever felt anything 
at all for me have pity and
let me go, I have asked you 
so many times before to turn
away and walk on out the
door, for I am way to weak to
argue with you anymore, I 
am even down here on my
knees begging you please 
to let me be, there is nothing
left here to see, no love, no 
passion, no you and me. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A Poet's Journey


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