Better than it was before

Better than it has before

Have you ever known something
that was wrong in your head, yet
 instead ignored it, repeatedly all
 because you thought that you were
 always meant to be? Giving so
 much of yourself to that that one
 person who never appreciated it
anyways until there was absolutely
 nothing else left of yourself to give?
Then one day waking up almost like
you were in a coma for the entire
time, pissed the fuck off all the
 while looking around at what you no
 longer have anymore, far away from 
where you call home and any family
 that will not talk to you anyway? All
 your friends are gone either dead, in
 jail, or just plain tired of listening about 
a bad relationship that everyone 
already but you knew was wrong and 
tired of listening to the same old
worn out sad country song, one hell
 of a lot of fans reading your stories, 
while wondering whether or not they
like your soul wrenching Poetry,
 then looking in the mirror while you 
 shake your head because how old
 you have become wasting precious
 years on a mistake, yet in the back 
of your mind still thinking what if, as
 tears begin to fall as the memories
 start to recall, the few good times
 that you had, then getting really
 mad because yet again you are sad. 
 So you call in sick turn off your
 phone and lock the door crawl in
bed, pull up your blanket up over
 your aching head and go back to
 sleep just hoping that tomorrow will 
be better than it has been before. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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