Forevers Beginning

Forevers beginning 

In all of eternity even through forevers beginning, until the ends
 of all time your beauty shines as the sun rises spreading its warmth and light casting out the darkness
 and the stars high above us, that
sparkle across the midnight skies
 just like the ones that I can see which
captures my soul as it mesmerizes
me when I gaze into your beautiful eyes casting visions of you as a
beautiful bright falling star that is
shooting across the milky-way
 defying all of time itself, burning
brighter than all others as if you
were captured like in a photograph frozen just as you are, never fading
away, a gift to all who cast their
own eyes upon you, like a priceless
 diamond set in a necklace and emeralds upon flawless skin only
  to be worn by a goddess, a princess of princesses, whose
essence is what dreams are
made from, like all of the ones that
live in my mind always whenever
I think about you.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
A Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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