Drop of hope

Drop of hope

As I was laying here naked with
you on the floor of your home just
wondering to myself in complete
and honest amazement how we
ever ended up this way with so
many years of friendship I now
believe that we are starting a brand
new chapter in our lives so I begin
to write a new piece of poetry by
slowly spilling ink across the softest
spot of skin on your lower back on
your beautiful body, you know where
I mean the place where all of the
nerves start right in the center of
the pleasure spot in your brain then
twist down your delicate spine causing
goose bumps to rise every time that
finally comes to an end with the curve
of where my dreams of so many
sleepless nights and mornings have
started and I hope shall never end,
just as my poetic ink starts to form
heated puddles between your beautiful
bare breast as they rise to reach up to
my warm place of prose like a seedling
grasping up towards the sun, both of
us so afraid to reach out and let go of
the past and grab on to today and the
future to fall in love again, both bruised
and battered from all of the relationships
that we have had yet did not ever win,
with hearts still broken, hurt, battered,
ripped and torn now starting with just
a single drop of hope that was caused
from the warmth of one soft wet kiss
that started fires from the sparks of
hidden desires that we had held beneath
our breaths that are now beginning to
smolder while burning out of uncontrollable
desires from deep down within the deepest
depths our souls, that we both had forgotten
their very existence. I continue on using
my poetic pen filled with the ink of every
emotion of all mortal men, I start to write
about how my love for you will never end
just as you start to say something between
the rhythm of the now rhyming deep breaths
so you close your eyes and visualize how
my words may come to the end just as
my hand then my arms starts to shake as
our bodies now begin to quake, the words
of my love for you start to flow now down
your body even faster than it has ever done
before and as you began to murmur the
words that I have burned into pages of our
new love you scream "please, baby do not
stop please keep writing those words forever
for I have now been awakened to the beautiful
poetry that has caused me to tremble with
so much love and desire, please I beg you to
continue until forever runs dry than you can
refill your ink full with all of my love and again
then maybe we could do over forever again.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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