My ink begins to flow

When it comes to love sometimes the end is actually the beginning of something else and while the truths are hidden in the lies of the heart the soul holds all the keys to yesterday today and all the tomorrows where love matters until the ends of all time.


My ink begins to flow

As I am sitting here right next to you
my ink begins to flow being pumped
from a deep down loving heart that
remembers you as my now awakening
soul senses the scent of another it
once held tightly in its arms searching
what seems like forever for the mate
it used to know, now lost in a world of
deep emotional scars as the memories
start playing like a broken movie reel
repeating the same scene constantly
from a single night of heated passionate love,
when two very damaged people and their
broken souls who were both left alone very
lonely needing each other and the touch of
another reaching out through the pain of
a broken heart filled with sadness and sorrow
feeling vulnerable holding on to each other
as if there would be tomorrow while tears
begin to flow pulling one another close as
they gently swayed back and forth to the
slow beautiful music that was being made
beating of their hearts and the rhythm of
their own love looking deeply into each
other eyes while they danced to and fro
without a care in the world fighting back
the fear of what my come tomorrow erasing
all the yesterdays thinking of only the here
and now underneath the clear midnight
skies with the moon so full it looked like
a night time sun shining brightly down upon
them with all the shooting stars falling
down around them like fireflies making
wishes kept only between them along with
candle lights all around feeling as if they
were the last two people left in the entire
world, just as one of them slipped gently
falling onto the lips of the other causing
smoke to begin causing sparks to fly
creating a fire that is still burning out
of control today, which has been cursed
by the devil, seen by the angels, and blessed
by heaven itself, and when it was finally
over the two were many years older
and today although not together for
reasons that were not their own, they
will always have a very special connection
from that night until all the ends of time
come together for that is where you will
find them making love once again.

The end or is it?

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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