What ever happened to that good old place
that I used to know? That place I knew in my
childhood where smiles and happiness could
easily be seen on the faces of friends and
strangers everywhere you would go.
What ever happened to the time from where
I used to be? A place where families would
all sit down together for big breakfast and
seven course dinner when we would hold
hands around the table bowed our heads
and prayed to our almighty God for what
we had to eat, they all laughed, joked around
talked about school or work and all of the
fun times that they had that day and week?
What ever happened to those people the you
and I used to be where we all cared about
each other and helped each other out and it
was not just a world that revolves around me?
What ever happened to those humans from
whence the word humanity actually came?
Because with people killing each other over
religion, gender, or the color of your skin
because if that is what they call "Humanity"
then please let us change the name, the
actual word itself "humanity" is a noun, plural
it is humanities. 1.the quality or state of
being human. the quality or state of being
kind to other people or to animals notice
that four letter word KIND meaning be
nice but if you look around the world today and
what it is we have now become, the definition
is definitely just not the same. I dream of
peace on earth among all of mankind the
way God had intended it to be since the beginning
of all mankind. what I fear the most is if we
cannot or will not all learn to get along soon
then this so called humanity and humans will
all be gone.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poets Journey


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