She is the one

She is the one

It felt as if he was moving so much faster 
than anything around him as his heart started 
beating a little faster while pounding harder 
then it had ever before, that is when he noticed 
the clock that was hanging up on the wall had 
either stopped or slowed way down to a crawl  
"what is going on," he thought to himself "I 
wonder if I have finally cracked going completely 
insane? Is this just a dream? Am I asleep, at least 
that is what it seemed to him as it all started when 
she had walked in to the room, it felt as if "wait"
"No, that cannot be" time itself had slowed down
then stopped like it had just stood still, refusing 
to move on while even that single grain of sand 
in the hourglass on the desk just kind of hung 
there, almost like it was floating in the air, he 
then looked over at her and wondered who she
was, he had not even a clue, all he knew was 
she was the most beautiful woman he had ever 
seen  staring for what seemed like many hours
studying everything about her all her curves and 
her gorgeous lips the color of her eyes and the 
way her hair fell over her breast, then he started 
to realized that he had fallen in love or maybe had
already loved her, how or why he had no clue. 
maybe he was just imagining everything he really
was not sure, just then he heard a very weird sound,
it was something like a hiss or humming,  maybe 
even a murmur and listened intently, it was two 
voices coming from within himself, he could hear his
heart and soul whispering "she is the one who 
we have been waiting for all this time" and then 
he heard other voices begin to speak back and 
forth as her heart and soul started telling all of her 
secrets of how to find the path to leads to her heart 
and the key that opens the door to her soul who 
had been locked away all this time by regret
and sorrow of bad relationships and love that did 
not last, then music begin playing it was now all 
around everywhere when their two hearts started 
beating as one together a beautiful symphony
with a melody of love that must have some how 
caused her to move forward in time as she begin
to smile then reached out grabbing him pulling 
him closer then she held on tightly as they both 
danced slowly around the room while their two
naughty souls reminisced about their past lives 
together as the two made love along with their
hearts and souls, 

to be or not to be continued,

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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