When I close my eyes

When I Close my Eyes

I might not be able to change the world

and I might not be able to change your mind

I might not be able to make you love me

but I can dream about It when I close 

my eyes late at night when I am living

somewhere in my mind for 

that is where 

I go every chance 

When I want to escape

All the violence and the

hate a place where you

and I walk hand and hand

Down the peaceful streets

At night after our date

A place that is filled

with laughter and tears

drinking margaritas on

the beach with you while

we are dancing in the rain

where I always smile

and I forget all the pain

a place where peace has

won the war and race matter

not any more where we

can all now dance out in

the streets rich or poor

now all live next door to

door a place where

the sun shines every day and

there are no dark clouds

anymore where there are no

chains that bind us all

and we all matter big or small

where hate has died and

no one lied where love

has won and we all have fun

that is where I go when I

close my eyes where love

is still alive and has not died

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A Poet's Journey


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