Carried away in the winds of change

Carried away in the winds of change
I used to know who I was and what I wanted where to go and how to get it, back when I was living in a younger man's body having fun, taking chances, while I partied. I thought I knew what would make me happy a beautiful wife and the sound of my children's laughter great paying job, with a great big house, brand new cars while living happily ever after, but I was wrong, I never would have believed that I would be where I am right now today, divorced, a four-time loser, three kids who have my two grandchildren who I never get to see who now also believe that I am crazy, and I was a horrible father, so now they will not talk to me in fact they all ignore me to act like I was never there, flat ass broke busted, alone and I have no more family that cares a damn thing about me, sick, tired, and now I am dying and who is to blame? Nobody but me, myself, and I. In fact if I think about it, I have nothing at all to show for it and no reason at all to live, I had my chance in fact I had many chances and I lost them all, I blew it, crapped out, busted, tried and failed, had dreams that all turned to nightmares believed in the whole, you can be anybody you want to be if you work hard enough, well I have worked myself to an early grave for the most part life has pretty much sucked for me, with the few like when my children were born but that
never lasted very long before our family melted down from the other parent who cheated on me with losers who had befriended me but I was not the friend they wanted I trusted everyone but I know that was wrong for you cannot continue to give without getting something back in return or you will end up insane from people taking and taking until there was no more to take and no more to give draining my soul until I was nothing more than an empty shell of a man bitter and angry wishing he could drink to forget or get high to get by everything else, that the alcohol did not kill, pushing everyone away until one day like me, you find yourself all alone dying somewhere in the streets, just another John Doe tagged on the toe that nobody ever came to claim buried with nobody around in a grave barely six feet under ground with only the sound of dirt being placed over the grave never to be seen from again your name never whispered or even thought of there was nobody to wonder who or why or even where with the only shadow left was some ink spilled across some paper when he believed he was a poet but in reality was nothing more than the crazy rants and cries for help trying hard to make sense of his wasted life who loved the few fans, he did have the ones who supported what he was trying to say reason being nobody around him even cared what he wrote calling him a joke so much so he started to believe in them knowing his father was right all these years about him until he became what they all said he was a nobody scribbling down absolutely nothing for anybody that might try and read them although they are fading away letter by letter just like him LOST never to return somewhere in time blown away and spread out through the universe carried away by the winds of change in as many different pieces as a broken heart. Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. Poet"s Journey preview of my new video and song called "LOST"


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