I really never took the time

I really never took the time

I really never took the time to realize that
you look even more gorgeous every single
time that I see you, just like you were a very rare
and beautiful love poem that was written of a
true love for forever from a once upon a
time to happily ever after who's ink was
used to last a lifetime than on into eternity
where your very soul and essence would be
spread out through all of the sands of time,
which, at that moment by just whispering
into your ear being carried by all the winds
of yesterday into the here and now by a
very familiar sounding voice that said
"it was still falling short of the time you
and I would spend together if one day
you were mine for I have wished a wish
on hundreds of falling stars shooting across
the galaxy that you one day would be mine."
Your beauty and sheer presence will always
be haunting me for all of those times that
you had danced with my soul with memories
that will live inside of me playing until the
day God decides to take me away to go
back home, if it is at all possible for you
to comprehend try really hard to understand
that you are a legend among the beauty in all
of hills and the fields where the roses grow
of every single size, shape, and color, my
heart you have stolen like a thief into the
night and all I can say is take anything and
everything I have as you are the inspiration
in the aspiration within my apparent desperation
contained in the situations of many of my
pieces of poetry that I have ever written using
the ink that has been blessed in a reality
of religious finality touched by God and
whispered by his angels bathed in the blood
of our demons than marked by all the
memories of you and me that carry our
DNA giving it the birth of our own creation
that is not limited by anyone's imagination
the only child of you and I as the words
come alive from the very pages of life
so what should we name him or her to tell
the truth does not matter for it resembles
you with the beauty of a goddess, a princess
among all princess, even royalty the queen
of all of my muses whose every word and
thoughts I hear the most as I am spilling my
ink of unimaginable treasures like the
diamonds that are sparkling in your hair
out under the sun and when I close my
eyes you are who I see whenever I dream
for the true beauty is among all the stars for
everyone to see and as I grow older from
a reaction to the extraction created by the
refraction of my reflection off the mirror
that I use to look back at my past as time
itself keeps moving forward refusing to
stop or slow down but you my dear are
frozen just as you are and it may indeed
be true I will not lie while we may or may
not ever see each other again in any form
for our paths that we have taken are growing
farther apart every day as we still somehow
switch between the stairway to heaven
and the highway to hell with either one of
us is running while the other is walking
depending on the day and who is driving
you will always be with me no matter
where it is I may be going living right here
in my heart and as a big part of my
soul so I need to thank you for I am a much
better man to have ever known you, even
though it may be true down here we still have
forever to run into each other and even high
above when we get to spread our wings and
fly back to the gates of heaven.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
A Texas Poet Laureate
Nominee 2016-2020


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