I think I need you I need your help right now I thought 

I could do this do this all alone all the sadness the 

hurt and pain is too much too much for me to take I 

believed I believed I would be okay but I am not that's 

not okay I am lost I have no idea where I am it is cold 

so cold in here as the darkness the darkness never 

lets the light come in the dark covers up my eyes it's so 

dark so dark I don't even know I cry I cannot see all the 

tears falling from my eyes I don't feel the tears falling 

from my eyes when I cry as the tears falling from my eyes 

fill the room fill the room  in the dark from the darkness 

in the cold, I'm not okay coming from the hurt pain from 

the sadness of hurting all alone I think I need your help I 

need your help to keep from drowning from drowning in 

the tears falling from my eyes falling to the floor from 

my heart that is broken a broken heart that has been

shattered shattered into pieces missing pieces everywhere

scattered throughout the darkness and time itself just 

like myself, pieces falling off and lost in the dark with

darkness everywhere I look but helpless without my heart 

I am helpless from being hopeless and lost I need your help 

I think I need some help.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.


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