You ask me what I am thinking about

You ask me what I am thinking about

You ask me what I am thinking about 
at this very moment in time, well it is 
that for once in a very long time "could 
for just a few seconds maybe even 
minutes put on a little smile across my 
tired face for at least just a little while 
before the dark and deformed shadows 
are cast again by a dying and pathetic 
soul that has been missing for what 
now seems like forever and is most likely 
now presumably dead from a heart that 
had been broken by the deaths of countless 
innocent men that it has seduced with 
the empty promises of truthful, long 
lasting never ending sobriety then as 
always sleeps on the floor with the sounds 
of many agonizing painful screams
from those who have only tried to get 
away from a life of painful misery and 
narcissistic traits that no longer beats 
for anyone or anything but now as it has 
gone cold shivering as it pumps out the 
icy cold blood of years of abuse and 
misuse while giving out lies of every 
kind fed by the collapsed veins of many 
deep regrets from the rivers that put
forth by the blood of the flood of all 
your afflictions affected by the evil 
refractions you bring from causing 
reactions to addictions as it spreads 
the misery of its own dirty vile all that 
as it lays its sharp blades into as it 
consumes all that is good of this world 
wasting away to nothing but a black 
sticky tar left over from all the fields of 
Poppy of every kind that grow wild
unchecked by the selfishness of she 
who cares not for the children of the 
one from the light as it hides all the 
unfaithful preparing for a fight as all 
of the troops of man combined with 
those of who the herald sings and 
charged by God himself touched when 
in the womb of evil their fates where 
chosen to be the generals of who will
lead them to victory carrying with them 
the flags of crested man a father and 
a son not of their own blood leading the 
armies from high above and down below 
of who we are today, just as all of troops 
of evil armed with hate along with the 
disease of addiction as the fight will
come together in one last battle of epic 
proportions that will at the end through 
countless loses of men and foe will decide 
all of man's final fate when the final shot 
is heard, for I believe if you look around you
can plainly see that this war has already 
started and if you look real hard you shall 
see that the losses of our Kingdom
of our King and the dying of this world 
everyday as evil and hate have taken us by 
surprise with combat on streets Addiction 
that cannot be bear as loses by the oldest 
light who have lost their fight for now and 
withdrawn nowhere to be found scared 
and scattered as the wait and hide for 
the new and stronger leaders being trained
in secret to be ready soon at a future date 
a child was born into chaos from one that 
has no soul given by another whose soul 
is a fearless fighter yet his heart that is 
broken yet tender as a child sent back from 
the gates of heaven who heals himself 
and others in all the ink that spills from well
of wishes and hoping to bring them 
reinforcements as hate and the forces of
those from way down under now walk
freely above with nobody left to stop them 
as they spread out even farther and further 
than before causing death to more and more
it is coming faster everyday closer to the
reality than you might now realize as darkness
becomes night as the day is always a fight
temptations of sex and booze everywhere 
drugs and sex for free and woman on their
backs so it is time to choose your sides clear 
your hearts and minds open your heart
to those who will only break it you need to be 
afraid be scared terrified fear the dark 
behind the light stay away from shadows 
on the streets and the hookers that you meet
be afraid because it is coming be afraid 
because it is here right now be afraid be 
afraid because hate and evil have taken 
over be afraid be afraid get down on your 
knees and pray then open your mouth because
they are not only coming they are here.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A Poet's Journey


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