Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown

At least in relationships fear of 
the unknown and being all alone are 
one of the hardest parts of moving on, 
it is a paralyzing realization that you 
will no longer have another to help 
make your life decisions or to wake up 
with on a cold winter morning, leaving 
another because love is not there any
longer is hard because no matter how
you leave or when even why somebody 
will always get hurt more with the pain 
of a broken heart and most the time you 
still care we are still only human after all 
so all our emotions will consume them 
ranging from hate and anger even
sometimes violence to sorrow and
deep despair and even though no
one actually died except for the love
that you held they are still gone now from 
your life so grieving is our way to get 
through those situations I can tell you 
now from past experiences that no matter
how hard you try to be prepared for
the extreme sadness that comes on
strong causing tears to start to fall
for how long no one really knows for sure
then at some point, hate will take its
place with anger in your face so take a 
breath and count to ten do not do anything 
bad that would be a huge mistake and 
nobody ever really wants that. In the end 
nobody really wins when love has lost its
way and no matter how hard you
tried and all the nights you cried
there is nothing you can do so try to
enjoy the time that you had together
and know that when not if love leaves it
mark and your souls have danced
in the dark and your hearts once
beat as one those we loved the
most will always be in our memories so 
it is really up to you whether you want
to remember the good times or the bad 
let's just try to get along beside we have
enough hate already in this world
and life is just to damn short not to
at least all get along after all you did
love each other at some point.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poets's Journey


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