Is money the root of all evil?

Is Money the root of all evil?

Greed is the biggest sin that we as humans
can make it has caused man to murder for it
we have lost wars not having it, buy anything
your heart desires with it the only thing it can
not buy or can you? No, money cannot buy you 
love because love does not exist anymore it 
is gone and has been used up and the well is 
dry it has gone extinct and I wonder if you 
wonder why? Because it has been replaced 
with what can you do for me and who is next 
in line and I am married but your cute so if 
you do then lets do it quick I do not have that 
much time.
No money cannot buy you love but it can buy
you the homecoming queen and if you got
enough money she will do just about anything,
from the laid back to the most obscene I got
her number for fifty bucks I will give it to
you and if you can give her a a little ring tell
her dad said it was okay with him and I will
be home right after I get high again then
the party is really on and I can join in all the
No money cannot buy you love but it can buy
you really rough sex with a hot call girl with
a suitcase full of cocaine and pills so you can
stay up and talk a lot of shit just like the
Hollywood actor Mr. Charlie Sheen making
the news while he is frying his brain and it
was no big deal since his dad has a star down
on sunset and main and more money than
God and that is way insane.
No money cannot buy you love but it can buy
you a close facsimile and I got the perfect
girl for your needs she doesn't need food or
drink just some air and lube she is made
with real woman's hair up on top and even
way down there or not depending at what
you preferences are her skin is made with
plastic and rubber that last just as long and
if you don't bite real fast or hard and for a
thousand dollars more we can make her
look like any girl or whore Just five thousand
down and she will be your friend with a
moving mouth and everything.
No money cannot buy you love but it can buy
you a blunt to get high and a forty to just get
by, a jet to make the mile high club a diamond
ring from a midget that sings to you a pony
that you can ride for two a brand new home
to live somewhere in Malibu for you, food on
your table to eat with It can buy you the
United States Presidency or a English cabin
seat a hit man for you to choose or a judge
for that drug bust you were in so you will not
Money cannot buy you love but without it
you cannot live enough and here in America you
can no longer give away your stuff so people
take a look at your pocket books because
the more that you make the more the
government will take they do not care if you
have food to eat or your kids have shoes
on their feet they only care about the raises
they get or their six month vacation on a
government jets and free medical care that
you and I pay dearly for and all their made
up wars for corporations like the Oil Corp
for more power and control So that the rich
get richer and poor stay poor.
No money cannot buy you love but then look
around and you find who really needs love
anymore because our government is our
pimp and we are all just their whores by
creating drugs the ones that sell the most 
they were not created by some redneck in 
overalls in some damn garage but by some
government scientist in some hidden post 
then used our military to test them out 
before they accidentally on purpose let it 
out and the war on drugs is a joke but don't 
anyone give up hope they make a lot of money 
by arresting you and jailing you and when there
done they will hand you a bar of soap on a
No money cannot buy you love or peace for
anything and the all mighty dollar is not
everything it is not money that is root of all
evil that would be the corporations that bring
home billions by overcharging the poor like
you and I but what can you do except boycott 
with facts and truth.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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