Once upon a time ago

Once upon a time ago. 

Once upon a time ago two very lonely
souls had met by chance then fell pretty
much in love with each other the first time
that they laid eyes on each other then one
thing led to another and we kissed lightning
flashed and the thunder crashed and we
saw fireworks in each other’s eyes, believe
it or not that was you and I, thinking back
now it seems so long ago, anyway what
started out as two lonely people from
different times and places found something
in the other that they both had needed and
neither wanted to let the other go, it was
happy and smiles everywhere they would
go holding hands and kissing while making
love with both of them wishing that this
feeling would never come to an end, so they
got married way to soon. He was older
and having a lot of fun but could never
quite understand what the younger generation
was all about but he tried man did I try the
best he could but she was younger in a
different world that was free to do whatever
with whoever whenever they can believing
there was a difference between having sex
and making love, that telling little white lies
was okay, and more, as time went on the
problems were getting bigger than either
would ever say causing issue to arise that
neither one could hide away causing a rift
between them that grew so big that even
still today will never end. Unlike their so called
relationship that should No, needs to come
to an end for good, I know that we did not
start out to hurt each other it really was
very much love. We just came from two
different ways of thinking neither of us is to
blame it is just the way it was and still is
today. I am sorry for not knowing better or
understanding the huge difference that
was between us in the beginning maybe I
should have either way I do now and I know
that we never belonged together in the first
place, but I will always be flattered that you
even looked my way, I believe that time had
poisoned what we had causing us to become
very toxic, causing irreversible damage to
who we were creating this disaster we call
today, so we need to both salvage what is
left of our messed up lives. We have a chance
right now to find happiness with someone else
I hope. It is time that we separate before we
destroy each other any further then we already
have not just for us but our families, friends, and especially Ryder.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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