And that will be the end

And that will be the end.

I finally sat down and wrote this piece of poetry
just for you sweetheart while you are always on
my mind it was a promise that I had made to you
the day that we said I do, it was one to tell the world
our story about how our love would last until the
ends of time may be even longer until eternity has
past, it is one that started with a once upon a time
just like in all of the books that you read, where
you are a beautiful princess in trouble just waiting
to be saved by me your knight in shining armor
on beautiful white steed carrying you to safety
in love together forevermore, but, all of those you
stories that you read are only children's fairy tales
they never do come true and the happily ever after
hahaha well that was not how ours turned out so
here you go the story of me and you, it all started
the night we kissed the first time we ever went out
together and we saw the fireworks and the bombs
bursting in the air along with lightning striking flashing
all around and thunder booking shaking us to our
very cores that felt as if forever had come and
gone bringing us along as time felt like it froze, it
was a kiss from two people that sealed their fates
that night causing their souls to be as one as two
lonely souls had finally found their mates just like
every single love story movie that you watch on
the lifetime channel late into the night when you
said that day you loved me that was just a lie
your always and forever baby lasted just long
enough for ink that signed our marriage license
to dry them it within just a few moments after
our story became a horror movie like the scary
Dr. Jekyll and Mr, Hyde it was like a category five
hurricane coming through destroying everything
insight, so instead of being happy and making love
to each other every single night all we did was
argue over your it was just a little whites lies I do
not care what your mama told you a lie is a lie
and sleeping with all those men was not alright
either cheating is cheating only creating bigger
and bigger lies, especially the ones that had you
in the biggest acting role of your life with crocodile
tears and I swear on my children's lives and the I
know the night it happened that very moment
when we made love, I am standing tall right
now at this very moment showing a standing ovation
convinced if this was a movie you would have taken
the oscar home with you, but it is not Hollywood
this is the real world and people get hurt, all you do
is play with others emotions and hearts like your
in the shower playing with yourself, even getting off
to all the pain you cause all because you have no
heart to break or a soul you feel no pain in fact you
feel nothing at all because you came straight from
hell a mix of a demon and the devil himself and my
plan is to send you back there sometime soon
any way I can and that will be the end of this nightmare
I now live, oh sure it is not a very happy ending, but,
I will damn sure live a happily ever after knowing
that one less demon is walking the earth and that
sweetheart will be the end.


Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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