a war once won yet the battle lost

I have been living in a realm where
there is no love and nightmares
are the reality, it is a place filled with
demons of every shape, type, and
size where the darkness is the only
comfort for the dreams that die
living nowhere so the insanity of
the sain ones is not left behind,
I am just a player in costume and my
shadow knows all on the edge of
tomorrow where the selfish now
rule in a kingdom of yesterday's it is
where today no longer calls with
deep regret is what fills the ocean
that surrounds the bay of sorrow
where hope is a rumor that never
comes true and strength is the
measure for the king to let go of
as the queen is the true ruler who
hides away in his mind controlling
the meek like the flesh of who all
died where laughter is outlawed
and smiles are a sin as happiness
lost joy and the innocent end where
one's soul is held under by chains
of the heartfelt that no longer bleeds
or beats out the life that the light
needs to be where sunshine is
shining yet the light will not shine
lost in a cloud stuck between time
and the stars have all fallen down
from the night skies as there are
no more wishes as they too have
all died. Hidden among the many
who are locked out of life, I pray to
a ghost that hides now in the tidal
wave of darkness that grows as I
ride through the currents formed
from the tears of my own eyes that
fall day after day as it fades into
the night the more that I fight the
deeper I shall fail struggling in the
armor of the hopeless that is to
short for me to wear while armed
with the skeletons of a war once
won yet the battle lost to an army
of the forgotten forgiven and forsaken
in to hell where the trophies of long
past dead still remain for not a true
conformation of a love born from
hate with doors that once locked
now a wide open gate as the winds
of forever blow sands carried of the
date where fate is to late and the
story that never ends no matter
how many the ends have been
written and never will.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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