Leave me breathless

Leave me breathless. 

When I said that I loved you I meant for 
it to last until the end of forever and a day 
for your beauty and your smile and every
thing about you leave me breathless with 
nothing else that I can say, your loving ways 
leave me full yet I am always wanting more 
as my life has been no less than a dream 
since the day you walked in through my door. 
At night I stare at you while you are asleep 
then I drop down on my knees and I thank 
God that you are mine and I am yours forever 
to keep and even though tears will fall it is 
our love why I weep. You have changed my 
lonely heart for now it skips a beat for a love 
like ours we both know is one that we shall 
keep, as we whisper to each other all the 
words that we really mean, I love you more 
and more as you whisper back darling I am 
yours and here I stay forever for my love you 
will no longer need to seek. 
The days go by fast as the nights do to as 
we make love to one another never are we 
through, our souls who have been connected 
from way back in our past, they are true as 
they will always seek out each other out 
please believe me that is true, You and me 
shall always be forever we will last for time 
has no meaning as we are in love waiting 
for no end, hand in hand you and I with our 
love forevermore as we will be holding each 
other tight the day that we ascend that night.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
A Texas Poet Laureate 
Nominee 2016-2020


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