The legend of a fallen angel Rated R

The legend of a fallen angel.

When all of time started way back
before God was in charge when
He first created heaven then made
all of his angels which resulted in
an argument with one of the angels
who wanted to have God's job who
in turn said "I do not think so" and
instead kicked out his right hand
man or second in command right
through the gates of heaven then
banned him the one who we call the
devil who in turn created hate and
evil yes of course hell and all of the
demons the darkness so on and so
forth at the same time cursing man
from within which started a huge
chain reaction to occur that we call
The Big Bang Theory which explains
everything resulting in some very
strange things to happen like creating
soul mates or even premonitions and
certain abnormalities in the space time
continuum which just really means
that sometimes meaning not all that
many times or extremely few instances
barely at all when a star is shooting
across the galaxy then falls to earth
burning up without a wish being
wished upon it which by the way
does not occur all that very often
like I said back just a few sentences
it will cause a phenomenon that makes
heaven and hell come together right
here in the middle on earth causing
all three to collided in some sort of
hellheavenonearth dimension reflection
expansion resulting in an angel to slip
and fall then a demon to escape where
they combine together somehow inter-
twining as they are moving not forward
or backward in time but sideways
mixing them up like a cheap two dollar
gin and tonic becoming what we
would call a fallen angel whose beauty
and extremely sexy body are what
dreams are made of which we know
that you cannot have one without
the other so of course on the nightmare
side of this verse she may look like
angel but she will have the temper
of the devil "Heaven has no rage
like love to hatred turned, Nor hell
a fury like a woman scorned" sort
of thing and a soul who is somewhere
in the middle with the sex drive of a
nymphomaniac so whatever you do
never be the one to make her cry out
in hurtful pain or cause her any shame
or she will without a doubt go postal
on your ass do you know what I mean?
no? She will fuck you to death,
brother you will cum and go in one
last breath tie you up bend you over
using whatever is handy using holes
not discovered yet, and do it all with
a smile. She may even dress real nice
pour you a bacardi and rum cook a
delicious dinner and watch you choke
to death on the delicious apple pie
she made you, then when the police
come over she will be barely wearing
anything with big crocodile tears
falling and say she tried really hard
to save you as they nod their heads
leave and go whack off to the view she
gave them and find the next guy so
if you get a premonition or the chills
like someone walked on your grave
or meet a very beautiful girl with a
body that will kill and a temper that
is out of control turn and run man
look in the mirror so you can see and
ask yourself this "why would this gorgeous
woman want someone like me" then
she has the wrong man and never look at
her again for she just might be another
fallen angel and believe me they almost
killed me I am actually eighteen but I
look like I am fifty-three I never saw
the light of day for over forty five nights
lost two hundred pounds and have
this permanent grin on my face so
if you do run into one give me a call
I will help you out and take her of your
hands just turn around and run.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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