I can see love

I can see love

I know that love is alive and well I
 can see love everywhere but love 
just for some reason unknown 
cannot ever see me. 
I do not understand why am I not 
here for love to see and if that is
 the case than where the hell am 
I at and where am I supposed be?
I see love every day at the old 
folks home, like the couple in 
room number two zero two holding 
hands from different beds so that 
they will not die alone. 
I see love down at the city park 
where I see couple's kissing on 
blankets talking about this and 
that so you see I always see 
love but alas love never knows 
where I am at. 
I see love when the school bell 
rings when I saw Johnny give 
sally his high school ring, I saw
 love walking hand in hand just 
down the road with the new couple 
who just moved in newlyweds I 
was told, I hope love stays with 
them so they can be in love as 
they go through life together 
and grow old. 
I saw love just week ago at the 
grocery store on isle eleven 
I think it was when that man 
held his wife from slipping on 
that spilled can of baby corn 
kissing her on the neck as he 
walked behind covering where 
here pants had tore.
Yeah I see love alright for it is 
every I look and always in my 
sights but whenever I do then 
try to grab on to love and hold 
on tight it runs away and 
disappears like a broken 
string attached to a flying 
kite watching it sadly as it 
disappears slowly out of sight. 
What can I do so that love 
can find me am I invisible
to love at least that is what
 it seems, for my entire life 
I have seen love every single 
day and I have seen love 
every where I have been but 
love for some reason has 
never seen me so I wonder 
if it will see that am here out
in the open down on my 
knees for the whole world 
to see, as I pray to my God 
that love will finally find me 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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