Could you still love someone like me?

Could you still love someone like me?

If I told you just how broken 
that I am inside could you 
still love someone like me? 
My heart may not beat quite
like it once did back in the
past at one time before
but I know that I still have
a whole lot to give as my soul
is still dancing out across
the night skies by the
light of the moon and all
the falling stars as he rides
only the ones that are
shooting across all of the time as
it has already been used and
wished upon just hoping
that it might lead to the love
that it has been wishing for
and so desperately needs.
I am looking to begin a new
chapter in my life that finally
starts with a once upon
time as we will write a 
happily ever after together
while being in In love from
that day forward forevermore
until the sands of time run
dry but not necessarily
as a husband and a wife but
partners in life who share a
spark in the heart of each other,
mind, and soul walking hand
in hand as our mouths will
lips to lips in romance
with a deep-rooted passion
in the companionship of
each other's arms with
patients and understanding
as time and your love heal all
my wounds bringing back to
me the true feelings of love
I need to be free of all the
pain and the sadness of a
broken heart a real miracle
you will give it to me. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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