Take a look around you, open your eyes to the pain, the world we live is dying faster and faster it seems like every single day, there is violence and murder every where with our children dying now in the streets, religious wars, and poverty so much it makes me sick, I pray to God but i am not sure if He is even at home, it appeares now that we maybe all alone on our own, what to we do just give up and look away?, We ourselves have created all the problems, humanity is the one to blame, it is time to close your facebooks, stop snap chatting the night away get up and go outside into the light and start taking back our streets and towns instead of living in fear within the dark inside, we need to start to dream again and imagine what that would be like, we need to, 


Imagine a world one 
with no hate 
that has no prejudice 
that decides
your fate 
where white Is
winter and falling
as snow 
and black 
is the night against 
the stars in the sky 
and a full moons
imagine that the
only colors
that are taught are 
Those of 
and of crayons
In their box
imagine a world that 
has only one race 
where everyone is
equal and not 
case by case
where we all 
live in peace and 
war has now ceased 
no boundaries or
lines just wide
open space 
imagine a world where 
everyone eats
there is no hunger 
or poverty 
and everyone speaks
where we all care for 
each other in our
hearts, minds, and souls
where love is shown
wherever you go 
imagine a world where
we all can live 
to choose are religion 
and faith no crime
to fight and know
we are still safe
imagine it all started with 
the dream of 
one man a poet, a father, 
a stranger, a friend 
who imagined 
a world full of peace 
and all hate was to end 
imagine, imagine, and then
imagine again.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
A Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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