Field of Roses

Field of Roses

I wanted to write you a letter to
tell you just how much I love you,
but I could not think of
 the exact words I should say to you, 
 so instead I bought you a field of 
 very beautiful roses in every single
color I could find, so you could 
pick the right ones out so I know
how you were feeling everyday. 
if you picked a dozen orange roses
 I would feel the desire that you
feel as we lay in our bed making 
love all night knowing that we still
 desire each other and forever will. 
If you picked a few lavender roses
 then you and I could fall in love 
all over again and since we wear
 our wedding rings and said "I Do",
  making love this time around would not be a sin. The yellow roses mean we were not only lovers in this life, but we stand
 together in love forever as friends
 you and I. The bouquet of white
  roses that are now sitting on the
   table shows the purity of our love  was blessed by our God high
 above on the day that we wed. 
The pink ones that you carry 
show how happy you are that you
and I have a love that will never 
fade away for when I look into your
 eyes I can still remember every 
single kiss from that first day. 
The Red roses that are thrown
 on the floor and all over our bed
 show the love of you and I since
 before we were wed, that first time that I saw you was that last time 
that I look at anyone again, for I
 knew you were her before you were my closest friend,  the closeness and bonds that we made becoming closer as we grew, could only be from heaven
  as only God and his angels kne that we were a match made in heaven that we both already knew,   as our love never fades but every
 day we watch it as it grows. 
Next time I will find the words that
I need so I could write a letter 
to show you that I need your love
 and your beauty forever to keep
but for know enjoy the roses and
the rainbow of colors and my love everyday

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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