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Something that you are not

Who do you think you are?
 Standing there with your
  grandiose facade with that
   pretentious look across
    your face looking down
  your nose at me with your
 egotistical tone while
  bellowing complete
  nonsensical babbling
 gibberish from the hole
  in your face, with a
   sense of some sort of
 superiority complex when in
  actuality it is more of a 
conceited pompous queen 
of her own sociopathic
 pathological lying narcissistic 
kingdom ruling
  over the voices in your head,
 living in a world that only you  
can see while looking in the
 mirror of a reflection that
  you deny twisted and
  deformed from all the years 
 of lies and no soul eyes that
 stare into the darkness out 
of a cell within your mind
  trapped there by the
demons of your dirty sinful
 past casting out a light that
  only evil will receive as you
 take what you want from
those with innocence filled
 hearts and souls of loving 
thoughtful minds, consuming
  them little by little until all
   that is left is a shell of who
  they were and used to be
 that now sit in the dark not 
 knowing who they are
  confusion and anger
 coursing through their veins
  stuck somewhere in the
  conscience left behind from
   a shattered brain fight an 
 enemy no longer there  
 hearing whispers of the past
    while teardrops falling from
 the pain which has
caused them to go insane
 while you are hysterically
  laughing from all the
  damage you have done 
 caring for no one but your  
own self, and your own
 selfish needs no reason
  needed believing you are
  something that you are not
and never will you be.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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