They say

They say that doing drugs. 

They say that doing drugs is 
very bad for you at least that
 is what they all say, but I say
  doing drugs sometimes is
great to do because it really 
can make for a better day, 
now hold on, just wait for a damn
minute before you start in on 
me let me finish with what I
got to say before you all start
to scream and yell at me,
because I know for a fact
that many of you, both men
and women that are reading
this is on Prozac or Valium
and I thank God for that or 
we would all be living in hell. 
So with that being said, with
every drug that I have ever
 tried or experimented with
and believe me when I say
that I have probably tried
them all, my favorite one that
I ever did do, hmm well as I 
think back, sigh, and smile
 that I will never tell you. But 
lets start by talking about an
 herp called Marijuana, Weed,
Ganja, Green,  Kush, or even
Mari Jane whatever you want
 to call it is all really the same
thing. The government yes
ours flat out lied to every
one us they call a demon
which is actually I believe a
gift from high no pun intended 
above why you asked? 
Because it grows from God's
own ground his green earth
 and it has for millions of
 years, it was not created like 
the others so sit back for a
minute and listen close to
what I have to say because
the only reason that they
made it illegal and say it is
 bad for you is only because
of tobacco, cotton, lumber,
pharma, and a few others
had more money when they
paid off the government 
that day. 
You see the war on drugs
never even had a chance I 
could have told you that
my friends, for you, cannot 
fight a war against yourself 
and ever win and the Fed's
knew that from when they
 started it way back in the 
beginning and I think you all
 know what I am talking about. 
The so-called illegal drugs
that are now and have ever
been on the streets, you
 know the ones that I am
talking about, the ones that
sell the very most like
 cocaine, heroin, meth
amphetamine was not first
created with some old family
 a recipe handed down branch
  by branch in some family
tree of rednecks dressed In
 overalls in his Garage somewhere in the south 
 that he learned at birth, no
 they were actually made by
some paid government scientist
in secret during some damn 
made up war in some God
forsaken post. 
You all really need to open up
your eyes and listen to the truth
that kind stuff happens every
single day and the Fed's, hell
they are the ones who are the
thugs and they play gangsta
 everyday by making billions
 on all the drugs that they
have created then arresting
 you and lock you away in
prisons which by the way is
 nothing more than modern
 day slavery when you think
 about it, all over something
 that when Jesus Christ was 
a teenager. Most likely in
 Jerusalem standing on the
  corner hanging out with
his buddies, checking out all
the ladies drinking down a
forty while smoking a big fat blunt...
Wow and No it is not all
 blasphemy after all if you do
 read the Bible or even go to
church then you know that
 for it says that "Jesus, his
 mother and his disciples are
 invited to a wedding, and
  when the wine runs out,
 Jesus delivers a sign of his
 glory by turning water into
wine" let's get the party
started break out the red solo
cups, also according to
 conventional Biblical
 scholarship, the “250
 shekels  the root kan in this
 construction means "reed or
 Sweetheart last night after
 you fell asleep you still wore
me out as I watched our two
 hearts fall and our souls
 catch them while they
were making love. "hemp.
He also wore sandals and robes
made of hemp, so you see
 just because it is illegal
 does not always make it a sin. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A Poet's Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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