A Poet looks at things differently

A Poet looks at things differently

A Poet like myself looks at things just a little bit
differently from anyone else, for instance, when
you see a flower in a field of weeds, like most
"Oh, it is a pretty red rose or even yellow daisy,
but I look past the obvious usually because I am
always oblivious, so when I look at the flower in my
head and I see a beautiful chance to preserve its
absolute beauty in that through the use of my
photography that I could also use to hold onto
the ink of my poetry. Next, when you look into
eyes of another you see nothing but the different
shades of color, whereas I can see all of their
hopes and dreams and the flames from a fire
born of passion that is burning deep down
inside raging out of control yet hidden by many
years of lies and unfaithfulness while being
ferociously guarded by the unhealed scars
left from a broken heart. The next example is
where most people will, unfortunately, look at
someone who is a little plain maybe in her face
and maybe slightly overweight, they see a fat
ugly person calling her those very same names
to her face which by the way is absolutely wrong
and yes indeed verbal abuse is the worst for those
wounds may sometimes never heal as words
can cut you like a dagger slicing a heart in two
which to me is a very critical error among many
traits of our so-called humanity that can be
corrected by the education of the ignorant and
misconception, for when I am looking straight
at her' she is the most incredible woman who
reminds of a caterpillar to a butterfly so give
her a chance with a beautiful mind and gorgeous
heart that would do anything to feel like that
and more and a sexy soul who could warm you
more than any other as she is an angel without her
wings. Even those who have made a past mistake
or two got caught did their time, paid their dues
who has cried many nights praying to God letting
everyone know just how sorry they are getting a
kind of redemption learning their lesson and even
released from prison, yet they will in effect
stay behind the bars of the limitations of human
emotions and feelings yet again more mistakes
of the human condition which is to say that you will
do one thing but do another by saying to them
you did your time paid for the crime your free to go
only to find it is all a lie for nobody ever forgave or
will forgive looking at you like you have nothing
to give them not given a chance to redeem what
was broken causing a big commotion to ensure
inside of themselves causing anger and hate to
begin then drinking or using drugs to hide all the
pain they are in, that is the reason that addiction
begins and why it has taken over all because
nobody cares a shit about anybody but themselves,
I see somebody I should hire felony or not, why not?
They already made all their mistakes so they are not
afraid to work hard for a job and they did not need a
million dollars, just happy to have money in their
pockets and free to walk down to the street to go to
any store shopping, SO, if you like what I am saying and
want to hear more than the stories I am telling, just
ask me how or any Poet because. We all basically
believe in and think with the same mind that is
coming from somewhere up heaven and what you
find there which is peace, love, and understanding
of everything we do, for Poetry is not just a bunch
of the rhyming words set in sentences, it is not
just emotions and feelings it is our way of life and the
way we live it

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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