Will Still

Will Still

The sun will still shine and birds will still sing the rain will still fall along with the leaves from the trees while the waves will still crash down upon the sandy beach 
snow will still fall in the mountains
in the winter at least who knows
how deep the flowers will still
bloom when it comes to the spring
the rivers will still flow and the fish will still swim in the oceans and lakes birthdays will still come to
blow out candle sticks christmas
will still come except there will be one person less that would be me
Just more food for you to eat maybe less presents under the tree then a new year will still come
the next will still too bombs will
still drop and bullets will still fly killing innocent people who will 
still die in wars around the world
before breakfast I never knew why
the moon will still rise every single 
Night just as the sun will fall in the 
west making love to each other
as they have done now for ages humans will still fight over some
thing called religion they all say
actually stands for peace but I have never seen it we still pray to God and believe in son Jesus who they say will rise again I say leave him in peace yes. The only thing different for you is I am no longer here like billions before me as time waits for no one for there is not a reason when we are all born then
we live but eventually death will
come calling and then we die
buried and forgotten yet as you 
see the world will keep spinning but not before we have had had a chance to know love, hate, pain, 
joy, and even pleasure in no
certain order so to all the people I
have ever known and even the
ones I knew just know you have brought to me all of that and more
so please when I go let the tears
fall and greive that I am gone just 
like your supposed to but please
remember you will need to move
on as you must live your own life just as I have done and you will to
let us try to leave this world a little
bit better then when we got here
so please be kind and smile at
strangers try to be yourself do not
ever live your life behind fear or for
someone else do not be afraid of what people think of you be afraid of what you think of yourself.
Never assume that you really know
someone's intentions because
there are so many wolf's dressed
in sheep's clothing when you feel like you are all alone and believe
me you will and it feels that
nobody loves you remember that 
I love you and always will and to love yourself before anybody else
when someone tells you that you cannot make sure you show them
that you can and hold on to all of
your dreams as long as you can.
and to live your the best that You you know how and one last piece
of advice always remember that
you yourself and nobody else are
the author of your own life's story
It is you that will write down the
pages of your life some of those
chapters will be good some will be
bad and you may not have had control of the beginning but you
sure in the hell can dictate the end.

Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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