Where I dream

Where I dream.

When I am all alone at night and it is
finally time for me to fall asleep, I close
my weary bloodshot eyes to escape 
this world that we all now live filled of 
nothing more then violence, killing, 
prejudice, and hate just so I can
wake up in my little world where I
wish to go in my dreams. It is a
place where you and I will always
and forever be in love staring
deeply into each other's eyes night
after night holding hands walking 
on the beautiful white sands of an 
ocean beach never knowing of all 
our life's lies and many mistakes. 
t is a place to stay where our children 
can be children and grow up being
whoever and whatever they want to 
be never knowing any words of
bullying or hate where they can
play every day without the fear of
the darkness that plagues our
world in which we all have made. 
It is a feeling of true freedom of 
our hearts, mind, and souls like
living in the lines of the many pages
of the ink that now flows where 
justice is real and the american 
way is not a lie no matter what 
the color of our skins where 
actions that we make are ours 
to take and not give away blame 
where we are free to love who 
we want be it woman or man 
where the waters are clear and 
he skies are all blue where the 
snow falls white and love is 
shown wherever you go a place 
where everything is as it would 
all seem. Somewhere I try to 
never forget about where I know 
we all can live to love and love 
to live just and all you need to do 
is close your eyes and come 
stay with me in my dream one 
that I never want to leave or even
wake up again.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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