The higher you get.

The higher you get

You need to save yourself It is
not to late for you but for me
there is nothing you can do, you
cannot keep this soul from falling
or its heart above that is dying
no, I am the captain of my own life
so I am going down with my own
sinking ship, that is named after
me it is called one fucking mess,
over turned by monster waves in
the oceans of misery and regret
pounded hard by the storms of
sorrow with guilt, so to those who
can still hear me get away, run, or
swim its time to save yourselves
go ahead abandon this drowning
wreak, years of living all alone in the
darkness that you know you can
never escape with all those voices
arguing in my brain, there is never
peace in the land of no sun, battles
raging day and night, emotions
changing it their right, hating everyone
you know, waiting for the light that
never comes, fighting hard to find
your way out just hoping maybe this
day you will find your way only to
fall faster spinning out of control
hitting the ground hard among all
the lost shards of the crystal rose
grown only from out the fires of hell
itself, screaming out forgetting your
name looking for help yet it is only
in vain trying hard to remember who
you are seeking the place from where
you came, shaking your head down
in shame, looking to others to place
the blame, but you need to try and
remember one thing, the higher
you get the faster you fall deeper
and deeper through the depths of hell.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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