An Addict like

An addict like myself  first chose to get high for
different reasons really I started because I
am in the belief that experimenting with
everything is how you go through life at least
if you want to live it, I mean I wanted to
see for myself what the hype is all about I
mean a war? On the same people who have
created it? that is absurd like law enforcement
watching themselves no damn wonder we
have so many innocent people in jail, I mean
if you read the rico act they themselves should
be arrested and put away, they break more
laws that all of us combined they get pulled
over oh here is my badge so that means I get
a free pass a get out of jail for free card hell i
would shove that badge so far up their asses
they would need a partner to stick his head
up hey they do anyway ,so back to an addict
you see I have tried just about everything
including too much food, sex well that I
never get enough of so if anybody wants to
help, and porn I have made a lot
so in actuality I am director and act in my
own films so I would consider that a job
not a real problem see what I mean
excuses to make it sound more plausible
for those who out there listening to anything
i have to say, next we got gambling that I do
not have why waste money on a gamble
a maybe when I can give her the money
and it is a sure thing, so what my point is
addiction does not only mean drugs and alcohol
it could mean so many things in fact did you
know that most addicts are actually addicted
to more than one thing at a time, it is a disease
that nobody can cure because they
do not care or believe in it I mean before i
was an addict I never believed it because I
am what they call a functioning addict and
normal addicts do not like us because we give
them a bad name usually in a hypocritical way
see we break it down to names you have the
pill heads who think because a doctor can
prescribe them it is okay well no it ain’t
he said one a day not twenty-five
and pot heads hey smoke weed and get
by with the munchies and dope heads or
tweakers going one hundred a miles plus
like they are stuck in fast forward hearing
the trees whispering their name and we
have the junkies because they put junk
into their veins and well let me tell you
that is one high that scares the hell out
of me because I like way to much so I do
not do that very often just kidding are you
getting an understanding? Because I have
really just begun you see it is all a mind
altering getaway from the issues and problems
that are plaguing us all every day because
they give up to a world that does not care
about us anyways because if they did instead
shaming us and locking us away from
drugs they made in the first place a disease that
has no cure would you take a cancer patient
and throw them in jail NO so help us find
away to end addiction, that is all I am saying
now I am done talking about what an addict is
because knowledge is the Key to not getting

At least for me anyways

Richard M Knittle Jr. (c)
(c) A #Poets Journey


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