I wonder sometimes

I wonder sometimes to myself if
there are other people out there
in the this world who wonder to
themselves sometimes if there
are other people that are also
wondering if we are all also 
wondering sometimes to
ourselves "what in the hell
are we all supposed to be doing
down here" on this one lonely
planet revolving around one
sun with a moon revolving
around us and are we truly the
only ones who are wondering
the same thing or could there
be any others out there who
wonder too, We are born then
fight every day to just get by
then when our time is over we
die and another takes our
place who is also wondering
all the same things as it starts 
all over again why? Are we
truly only predestined to be
born while fighting every day
to survive until the next day
only to wonder why and then it
Is over we die? It is a wonder
that we all down here survive
with our minds always
wondering why life had to be
so hard and it makes me begin
to wonder why we all do not
just cry all the time since all
we do is live to die I mean am
I right or wrong? I wonder
what you think but mostly I
am always wondering why it
is I am me.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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