We must all face our demons

The holidays are very hard for a lot of people including myself. Depression sets in and sadness creates an atmosphere of deep loneliness and despair causing the suicide rate to rise. So please if you know anyone that seems down or depressed please check on them more often. Even just a note or a phone call even just a smile to let them know that they are not alone it truly can save a life.

We will all face our demons
no matter what they are
or who that
It may be at least
one time
in our lives before
we die and move on,
The questions that
we must
ask ourselves which
must come from
way down
Deep inside
Is not really a
matter of If you will
but more like
when and why
For almost every person
Ever born on this
Earth will be
Addicted at one time
Or another to something
Or someone that
Is very harmful
To them at least one
Time in their human lives
Addiction is a demon
And is the evil that
Comes from
Destinations unknown and
Is the greatest threat unlike
Man or woman has
or will have ever known
That will leave you lonely with
No friends, family or
Children or even a home.
Addiction has no cure and
can only be fought
from inside of us ourselves
It is a fight through who
you are and one that will
last our entire life. No one
can see the battles that rage
on in our hearts, minds,
and souls every one is
different that is just the
way life goes they say that
they can help you yet in
the truth they should not try
for if they try to fix you they
will break themselves inside.

Happy Holidays my friends just know that you are never really  

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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