If she only knew

If she only knew

If she only knew that she is the
beat in his heart
that skips whenever he
sees her, all of the ink
that flows from out of his pen,
every word that
grace the pages of his
mind where she lives always
forever in all of his dreams
that the angels send,
she is every single wish that
he wishes whispered
from out of his lips when
the stars up above shoot
across the night as they fall
through the darkness
of the midnight skies, she
is the reason that he
hears all the whispers from
deep down in his soul
when it starts telling secrets
all about them to his
heart that already knows all
the feelings that he
feels when she comes around,
she is his reason
that he searches for the
answers to how
much a true love can endure,
as he looks to find
their forever through the eyes
of eternity's
precipice, which is not long
past the winds of
yesterday's tomorrow and
just beyond the
other side of heaven's door.

Richard M Knittle Jr.A #Poets Journey


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