The Message

The Message

As I look up in the night skies at all
the beautiful stars tonight I wonder if
I truly am all alone down here or could
there be another lost soul and is she
lonely too staring at the same stars as
I from the windows of her empty home
I have to believe in my heart that
true love still exist somewhere
in this lost and lonely world and
she is looking as I do for a love to
fill her heart full like two friends who
are there for each other through the
laughter and tears who are close at
heart both just trying to find love
themselves each looking and writing
their own life's chapter that they are
trying so hard to start, who come
together just for one single moonless
night both desperately needing to
be loved and shown some much
needed attention and are there for one
another for one night just to hold
each other tight. It is so very sad
that there are so many lonely people
around the world every night just |
hoping to find love but cannot seem
to ever get it quite right, wishing for
the feeling of some human affection
whose hearts still give love through
all their heartbreaks and rejections.
You would think in world such as
ours that finding love would be so
much easier than nightclubs and bars
or personal ads even chat rooms
that lie and websites with pictures,
who when you meet in person do not
ever match with eyes, gender, size,
or religion, you might also think
since our hearts that break so easy
and our souls needing so much
affection they could send out a signal
to others around for an easy
detection of some sort of a love
connection that just might say
"hey are there any other lost souls
around tonight as I am alone in
this lonely life, I am just a loser in
love and I have been broken by so
many others that I have had In my
life, they were heartless, cold and
mean, and told only lies that used
my kindness against me to deliver
in pain who demeaned and abused
me and left me with scars on my
broken heart and so very emotionally
drained. I write down my feelings
that come straight From my heart
whose soul has been crying and
torn all apart, saying to me "Hey I
need a little favor you at least owe
that to me, can you please deliver
this message I wrote as only a true
Poet can with such eloquent ease?
Although I am broken and maybe
forever and I may never feel love
anymore I still have much more to
give though not like before, I am
not looking for pity or handouts
today, Just for a chance to show
that I am not done in this life's
dance I guess I would say, I am
not looking for a wife or even a
long journey down a wrong way
path I am only looking to feel again
the warmth of a kiss and touch of
our skin that is all I ask, for just one
hour or a day maybe more to
remember that I am alive still with
another and no so alone anymore
just like I still remember in the
memories of my past before my
heart was tore. I am not perfect
that for sure and I know that I will
find who I am looking for if this
sounds like you please contact me
now let's talk or write or have
coffee tonight thank you and
Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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