Loving you

Loving you

What is so wrong with loving
you your always on my mind and
 in everything I do you found
your way down to my soul and
 healed my heart and made it
 whole no one before or after
you has made me feel like this
and when we are together I am
in total bliss I know I need you
more than you need me that
 isn't really hard to see I have
searched my whole life for
the one that is you I can't walk
away now so what should I
do? I know you may not be
ready for reason I am unsure
and so you know my love for
you is true and pure I cannot run
or try and hide from these feelings
I have down deep inside you
 drive me crazy in every way and
when I see you walk into a room
you take my breath away I never
meant to fall so fast or thought
 that we would ever last but here
we are with months gone by my
 love for you has grown and will
not die what is wrong with loving
you it's hoping one day you will
love me too..

Richard M Knittle Jr. (c)
(c) A #Poets Journey


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