You will always be my son

Dedicated to all four of my boys
You will always be my son
When you looked up into my eyes I realized just how much that I loved
you and today when you look up
at me I know I still do and
I always will.
When you wake up at night with
tears falling from your eyes I wipe
them from your face and then I
whisper in your ear that it will be
okay and hold you even closer until
they go away.
When you shiver about the unknown
that hides in the dark and I hear you
scream I fight all of your fears away
hold your hand until the light of day
When you feel as if you are all alone
and there is no one that will understand
it is like your world is crashing and you
are drowning unable to hold on reach
your arms out to me and I will save you
take your hand then lead you home
When your heart breaks feeling like
nobody cares love has gone missing
and you are in despair just know that
I will be there to pick up all the pieces
as our love will never leave always connected no matter where your might
be all you need to do is just find the
road that leads back home no matter
how long you have been gone for I
will always be there waiting because
you will always be my son
Richard M Knittle Jr. (c)
(c) A #Poets Journey


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