Memories of yesterdays

Memories of yesterdays

As I lay here in our bed that we had made
together in the darkness and all alone
I can hear the agonizing pain in my heart as
I know that it has now been broken for the
last time, as the tears from sorrow and regret
now start to fall I can feel in great detail all
of the cracks from each break ache that has
been caused by you as they now start to form
on each side of my now forever broken heart
that was once filled with all of our love back
when you were still mine now seeping from all
of the heartbreaks missing many pieces
from a love that has been dying a slow and painful
death and has in fact now dead for too many
years as it seeps through the cracks then
mixing with the tears of what we once had
forming into putrid static dark pools of memories
from a yesterdays love and a happiness that is
now dying as it soon shall also die then
as I close my tear filled eyes to sleep the ghosts
of our love now starts calling out to me by name,
while the nightmares that live inside my dreams keep
calling out your name as visions of our dying
love replays over and over in my aching head
like a bad B rated horror movie scene the one
where your stuck in the middle of nowhere all
alone and where nobody can hear you scream.
I wake to an empty laughter from the shadows
that stay on the wall with the sounds of quiet sorrow
as a very deep sadness starts now to call, I wonder
if I can go on with nothing lef but the sounds and
all of the memories of our love that once lived,
when there was both a take and give, howling
as it has been is dying, screaming, and crying
day and night never ending while wishing for
another ending but already knowing
that this dance was the last goodbye.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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